10 Things You Should Know About Benelli

Are you a fan of centerfire rifles? Then, you must know that Italian have a habit of making wonderful shotguns than other countries. You don’t need to go back 5 centuries to know about the facts of the Italian shotguns.

Benelli is a well known brand in the field of the scattergun game. The brand is in the field under 50 years and gives new things to the industry. Inertia-driven action of the rifles was invented by the Benelli.

10 things you didn't know about benelli

But, this is not the only history of the rifle development brand Benelli. There are a lot of things that you may know about them. If you are interested to know about Benelli, just give 15-20 minutes to the article, and we will highlight basic things that you should know about the brand.

  1. Benelli family did not start its production with firearms. In fact, they are well known for producing motorcycles. Benelli, a name of the brand of motorcycle that was started in 1911. Because of its experience and age, they are still in the motorcycle manufacturer field. As a fact, they have become the oldest European motorcycle manufacturer team.
  2. Benelli signed a partnership deal with Luigi Castelbarco and Giuseppe Beretta for an automobile design. In 1940s, they have signed the deal with those two groups to introduce new dimensions in the automobile field. As a result of the deal, they presented an automobile in 1948. The name of the prototype was BBC (Beretta, Benelli, Castelbarco), according to the first letter of three brands. But, the newly represented automobile design was down because of some internal facts, so, it never entered full production level.
  3. Don’t bore because of additional information than firearm niche. Benelli brothers were not interested to start a company to produce guns and other items. However, after getting inertia-driven action trademark, they had decided to go for manufacturing firearms. As a result, the company formally started its business for firearms in 1967.
  4. Although Benelli started its firearms business in 1967, this gained name and frame within a short time as a young company. Remington started in 1816, Browning started in 1897 and Beretta started in 1526. Comparing to the top level firearm companies, this 48 years old industry is very developing in the business field. The titans are now one of the dominating business firms with young experience.
  5. Benelli had a jump-start in the shotgun business market with Benelli 121 scattergun. This is the father of the semi-automatic scatterguns that you are using in this decade. Every company was amazed as well as shocked with a new generation scattergun design in 1696.
  6. Most of the shotgun lovers know the information but the rest don’t have any idea yet. Super Black Eagle, the shotgun of Benelli was the first semi-auto shotgun. This 3.5” 12-gauge shot hells design of the gun give the wing-shooters real pleasure in the hunting games. For the hunters of the 1990s, this shotgun was a revolutionary arm because of the design.
  7. No doubt, Benelli is one of the well known brands in the American shotgun markets. But, the brand also has a good number of customers in the United States because of other niche products. Benelli Kite Air gun and pistols are also good in quality and accuracy because of the brand’s innovative design.
  8. Benelli did not fall behind for making the rifles for the big game time. Thinking about the American Big Game Time, they also made a series of long range rifles for the hunters. The R1 series rifles are design well and hunters started using the rifle from 2002. They have tried with .338 Winchester, .300 Winchester and .30-06 Springfield cartridges in the chamber.
  9. Benelli was always following the trend to go green for the environment. ISO 14001 Certificate for Environmental Management is one of the biggest achievements of the manufacturer.
  10. After serving more than 30 years, Benelli presented the seat of the MD of the company to the designer Luigi Moretti.

Do you know more about the Benelli brand that we forget to mentioned here? You can also share whatever missing in the article by comment. We will notice and add them to our article if the point is really impressive.

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