How To Choose The Right Bear Load Cartridges For Rifle

Are you waiting for spring season for hunting bears? Of course, you love bear season and you will need to take preparation accordingly. However, most of the hunters forget to choose the right bear load cartridges for their rifle because of excessive excitement.

Yes, you may have your favorite cartridge but that may not give you the best result. Your attitude of selecting the bullet should depend on the season and the animal type. A well-placed shot using the right rifle caliber is important for hunting a bear.

top 5 bear load

Don’t you know what rifle cartridge is best for handling bear? Then, stay here and give 15 minutes to know the right load for bear. You will get best 5 bear load cartridges for your rifle right now.

.280 Remington Magnum, 160-grain Nosler Partition

You will love the .280 7mm cartridge because of its velocity and accuracy. A shot with 160-grain will give velocity of 2,775 fps is enough for handling any bear. This comes with a Partition construction that gives a rear core deep driving facility to the bullet. Moreover, the Nosler Customer Ammunition always shot for its perfect and deep penetration to kill a bear. The sectional Density power of the bullet is always special to hit at the target and breaking the tough shoulder bones and other vital points of bear’s body.

.30-’06 Springfield, 180-grain Norma Oryx

.30-’06 is a, of course, suitable for bear load but you will get excellent result that parried up with the Norma Oryx bullet. This is a new design of bullet that makes it a hybrid one by the Norma engineers. The front end is expandable to damage the body while half of the bullet is chemically bonded.

This hybrid bullet at its suitable grain shots at 2,700 fps speed and hit at the bear’s body properly. Many of the hunters used it for whitetails although they are not suitable bullet for the animal if your intention is to eat the meat.

.300 Winchester Magnum, 200-grain Trophy Bonded Bear Claw

If you are a regular hunter and used so many cartridges before, you must have experienced shooting with the .300 Winchester Magnum caliber bullet. But, .300 Winchester magnum bullet of Trophy Bonded Bear Claw is not similar to the normal version.

In this hybrid condition, the designers used solid copper in the front half side of the bullet to make it stronger than before. Moreover, the bonded core will speed up the cartridge at velocity of 2,700 fps with 200 grains. Trophy Bonded Bear Claw designs for the .300 cartridge is excellent because it increases the accuracy and makes it more energetic.

.338 Winchester Magnum, 250-grain Nosler Partition

Again, it turns to the hybrid cartridge from the designer of the Nosler Partition. Nosler Partition design for the bullets is one of the preferable cartridge for the bear load. Because the design gives the cartridge striking power, trajectory benefit with a good speed.

This time, Nosler offer this features for the .338 Winchester magnum that gives tons of energy to your muzzle. .30 calibers are used for the bear loading but they are very heavier to shoot. As a result, Nosler made .338 Winchester Magnum at 250-grain for getting velocity of 2,660 fps. So, this results greatly upon any sizes of bear in the spring season.

.375 Holland & Holland Mag., 270-grain Hornady InterLock

Yes, you read correctly, this is .375 Holland & Holland Magnum rifle cartridge that is suitable for safari elephants hunting or lion hunting. But, this is a great choice for hunting bears including brown, black and white.

Hornady Dangerous Game Load InterLock make the bullet perfect for bear loading at 270-grain to a velocity of 2,700 fps speed. This trajectory bullet can handle more than 4,370 bone-crushing ft.-lbs animal very easily. The feature is comparable to the .30-’06 Springfield’s bullet at 180-grain shoot. So, bullet will never miss the target if you can shot at in the target.

So, these are the best bear load rifle cartridges that you may select for your rifle. Depending on your choice and velocity speed, you can choose any of the rifle bullet. All of the bullets are master of bear loaded in any season. Just take preparation, fill your rifle chamber with the bullet and go for hunting!

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