How To Hunt Efficiently With 5 Overrated Rifle Cartridges

Rifle cartridge is a major thing to select when you are preparing for the hunting game time. There are many cartridges that are duplicated with some silly designs. Some of them are successful to give wonderful result to the shooters and others failed. As a result, the successful cartridges become overrated by the hunters as a reward of its efficiency.

overrated rifle cartridges

Today you will know about the best 5 overrated rifle cartridges in the article. After reading the information about the overrated cartridges, you can easily pick the right cartridge for your rifle. Many of the newbie cartridge users are becoming confused about the term ‘Overrated’. This term does not dictate that the cartridge is unable to work or not efficient to the field. In fact, this reflects to the major condition and hunters feel great having the cartridge loaded on the rifle.

.300 Weatherby Magnum Cartridge

Roy Weatherby designed a fantastic cartridge for the hunters with great velocity. A .300 H&H case is used for the cartridge which is one of the major calibers in 1950s.  This is a cartridge to damage so hard in short distance that you can’t imagine. Therefore, you should not target the short distance animals if you intend to eat the meat. Power your rifle with the .300 Winchester Magnum and add component brass, ramped-up recoil to have a boosted fire in any target.

.270 Winchester Short Magnum Cartridge

This is an ideal long range rifle cartridge of the Winchester series that provide excellent shooting features. With top out at 150 grains, this cartridge will always give you a high capacity of perfection in hunting session. There are some differences depending on the capacity, reload time, using recoil amount and feeding issues. However, using the cartridge with more recoil at short distance does not make any sense to the shooters.

.220 Swift Cartridge

Do you know the velocity king of all other .22 cartridges? Then, you must know forget about .220 Swift cartridge which performs accurately to the distance. Even the .22-250 Remington performs slower than the .220 Swift. According to the manufacturer that shoots around 150 to 200 fps.

The cartridge does not need much power and recoil to shoot at the target accurately. In fact, this is enough to take shorter action to hit the animal and get rewards in the big game time. The bullets can at 55 grains illustrious nearly 4,000 fps while .22-250 generate only 3,800 fps at same grants. Moreover, .220 Swift cartridge is easier to load than the .22-250 calibers. So, it’s a master of all .22 cartridges.

.458 Winchester Magnum Cartridge

Jack Lott designs the .458 Winchester cartridge using the same technique of .450 Nitro Express. However, the .450 is suitable for short bolt action rifles only. By reducing the case capacity of .375 H&H, Winchester series made a great impact on the cartridge group with .458 cartridge. This is a cartridge that is easy to achieve the velocity using the hand loading. Moreover, the easy load option will take less time than .450 cartridges. While African Professional Hunters group are using .458 Lott, .458 Winchester is most suitable for the action in America.

.223 Remington cartridge

Yes, .223 Remington cartridge is also an overrated bullet especially for the U.S.A hunters. The small fraction of hunters is finding excellent love to the cartridge and gives a miracle lead result to the users. By loading your rifle with a .222 Remington cartridge, it ensures to give the most accurate result for close distance than other .22 calibers. .223 offers 69 and 77 grain bullets to the hunters with twist option. Depending on your grain demand, you can buy and load your short gun to have more accurate shooting.

Selecting the right cartridge is very important to the long range shooters and professional hunters. Different hunters find pleasure on different cartridges, but overrated cartridges have some special item to give the hunters. Along with all other cartridges, these 5 calibers will always add additional surplus and feature to the rifle. Therefore, choosing from this 5 top class cartridges could add additional skill; represent more trophies to your hunting showcase and more to your hunting career. So, buy one packet and start practicing with them!

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