The Best 5 Varmint and Predator Cartridges for Hunting

Varmint and predator hunting is very popular in the recent decades. The hunters love this kind of hunting more than the previous decade. For getting good result at high volume shooting, you will also need the best varmint and predator cartridges too!

Therefore, we are suggesting the best cartridges for varmint and predator hunting that you can use for your next trip. Different higher level and experienced hunters achieved success by using the cartridges earlier.

  1. .17 Winchester Super Magnum
  2. .204 Ruger
  3. .223 Remington
  4. .220 Swift
  5. .243 Winchester

winchester 17

Don’t you want to know more briefly about the cartridges? When you will know more about them, this will make your final decision easier to select from them. Therefore, make a decision as soon as you finish reading the article about the best varmint cartridges.

.17 Winchester Super Magnum

High volume shooting needs the best long rifle to shoot in the varmint hunting. While considering the greatness rifles, .22 Long Rifle, .17 WSM and .17 HMR stand in the same place.

However, the price of the ammo and limitations keep long rifle aside. On the other hand, .17 HRM is much better option than the other two. But .17 WSM give less draft while shooting at long distance. According to the hunters, the .17 WSM offers half drifts than .17 HMR that must be noted.

.204 Ruger

.204 Ruger zippy cartridge is excellent for this type of hunting fields. The biggest difference between .204 Ruger and .223 Remington is Ruger shoots flatter style. Moreover, the price of the Ruger cartridge is less than other relative varmint cartridges. A load of cartridge at a 40 grain gives the best accuracy as well as less impact due to windy situations.

.223 Remington

There is no hunter that can deny the importance and significance of the cartridge .223 Remington. The US Army has made the cartridge very popular among the hunters especially among the big game hunters. This is the cartridge that can give you the best result at any type of hunting positions and ranges.

Although there is a specific task of the cartridge, you can get maximum supports from the cartridge. Because of easy loading option with inexpensive ammunition, every hunter loves to have the cartridge. However, you will face lack of bolt guns for using the heavy cartridges.

.220 Swift

This is a cartridge that you may find as the best for small critter shooting. A custom barrel with a fast twisting rifle is required to have the best shooting experience using this cartridge. While considering the fast twisting rifles for the .22-250, you will get Swift as its competitor.

According to the manufacturer and expert hunters, the cartridge will give you the most accuracy for varmint hunting. You will get 2.4 MOA in a 10 mph wind situation at a 400 yards distance. Similarly you will face 3.9 MOA at same range if you use 55 grain. Use 80 grains AMAX drifts at 600 distance and you will get only 1/10 MOA!

.243 Winchester

This is one of the oldest cartridges for predators and varmints. This cartridge was highly used for hunting deer in the 1950s. Because of its accuracy and recoil option, this will give you a good long range shooting experience.

A 58 grain load with .243 Winchester is just perfect pick for hunting coyotes. The 58 grain bullet will give you a perfect hunting solution under 1 MOA. The 18.5-inch barreled Ruger M77 RSI International rifle is the best selection for the cartridge.

These are the best cartridges for varmint and predator hunting in the recent days. Before selecting the cartridge, you should also consider your rifle. Every cartridge may not be suitable for your long barrel rifle, for that reason, you will need to think about this.

If you are a new hunter and interested to go for varmint and predator hunting, you may consider any of the cartridge mentioned in the article. Do you have brought a rifle? Then, you will need to research and find which cartridge will give best experience on your rifle. You should start with the Remington cartridge because this suits in maximum rifles. Don’t forget to ask the retailer about the best cartridges for the rifle that you have purchased.

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