The Best Ways To Zero Your Rifle Depending On The Distance Of Shooting

Buying a rifle and cartridge is not enough for going to hunt any type of wildlife. In fact, there are so many things that you will need to note before preparing yourself for hunting session. This is important to zero your scope so that you can get accuracy when you shoot at the target.

There are certain things that you will need to remember first. When you do not zero your scope or the sights on your rifle, you can never hit the target. This is because the bullet will not go where you are aiming. Isn’t it a worse thing for hunting?

Of course, the scope and bullet shoot point is different. Moreover, the bullet goes down because of the laws of gravity. According to the experts, a bullet drops at a 32 feet per second because of the gravity law. Therefore, you will need to see different sights of the aiming point while shooting. However, the line of the sight depends on the range of the aiming point.

Most of the ranges are set up for 100 yards distance. This is a normal distance range that exactly hit on the target. However, the cartridge type, the class of your hunting style and other things will also impact the distance.

In order to make the thing very clear, you will get three common ways to zero your hunting rifle within a short time. Therefore, let’s know about the three ways and choose the best method for your next hunting!

zero hunting rifle

There are three common ways to zero hunting guns and I have found that where you hunt makes a huge difference in which option you choose.

Dead on for the Thick Stuff

When you are planning to hunt whitetails, elk or eland, a thick brush can give you the best result. When you are hunting in a forest, any mistake of setting up the scope is important.

If you consider short distance shooting, you will need to set the scope perfectly. Try to set it low and as close as to the bore of the rifle to get the best result. When you set the rifle scope like this method, the cartridge shooting space will not vary much! The rifle will set zero dead at 100 yards distance and this could vary only 1 inch from the sight for 25 yards to 150 yards distance.

You will need to know the bullet’s compensated and drops for long range shooting. However, modern cartridges offer 200 yards distance at only 2.56 inches impact that is relatively very low.

When in Doubt, Set it High

If you are in doubt about the shooting distance, you should set the scope at far place. This is suggested to use zero for dead on at 200 yards distance. At this setting, 100 yards shooting will give you impact of 5 or two inches high and at 300 yards shooting, the impact will be 6-8 inches low.

Most of the times, this is the best approach for the hunters because they do not know the shooting distance. Therefore, a bottle necked cartridge give you the best result for any type of wildlife hunting. Hunting at 300 yards distance is rare in most of the hunting sessions.

Point Blank Range

A “point blank range” approach to zero your rifle is the best approach when you always need long range shooting. If you are using a muzzle velocity over 3,000 fps bullets on your rifle, this approach is the most suitable for you.

In this zero scope method, you will need to aim on the center of the animal instead of aiming at its killing zone. This will give you the exact hitting result although the bullet goes bellow or above of the target. Always think that you are aiming on the center of the object in order to hit anywhere of the target. The cartridge selection and distance will impact on the hitting space that could vary from 1.25-inch to 3.5-inch

Now you know the ways to zero your rifle depending on the distance of shooting. Therefore, determine what distance you might face in the hunting session and set the rifle scope on the rifle accordingly to get less impact.

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