What You Need To Know About .223 Caliber For Deer Hunting

Hunting deer is a very challenging and fascinating for the hunters. However, the hunters do require a good preparation for hunting deer and then enjoy the meat. But, hunting is not as easy as you shoot a deer in your video game. You can never imagine that hunting needs preparation and some quick decisions.

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Today, we will discuss about the bullet that is used for hunting a deer. There are many ranges and sizes of bullets that are used for hunting. .223 caliber bullets is one of the best and suitable for all types of deer hunting. Although many hunters do not like to use the type of bullet, this is still efficient.

223 caliber for deer hunting 1

.223 caliber is preferred by the new hunters around the world because of the unique advantages during hunting. However, many parts of the world do not allow the hunters to use the cartridge to hunt a deer. For that reason, you must be sure that your state allows the hunter to use .223 caliber for deer hunting or not. Contact with neighbor hunters or hunters association of your estate to be sure about the cartridge use before purchasing a rifle.

But, these are some issues that you need to think first for choosing a caliber bullet for deer hunting-

  1. Can it interrupt oxygen production permanently?
  2. Does it damage the animal’s body badly?
  3. Can you shoot it from a reasonable hunting range?
  4. Can you shoot & angel it comfortably?

Let’s discuss each of the questions briefly-


Can it interrupt oxygen production permanently?

The caliber bullet that you have chosen must interrupt the entire oxygen production completely in a single bullet. You may not get time to shoot a deer again once you shoot on it once.

.223 caliber bullets are able to go through lung and heart of the deer and stop the oxygen production unit. As a result, there is no reason to shoot at it again because single bullet can make your hunting process successful.

Does it damage the animal’s body badly?

Long bullets damage an animal body badly that you may not use the meat where you shoot. This is because of having a high amount of cartridge on the bullet.

.223 for deer hunting 2

But, .223 caliber bullets do not present you such kind of problem. In fact, you will not able to find the .223 caliber bullet on the animal’s body! The bullets are so sharp and powerful to go through the body and out at the end.

Can you shoot it from a reasonable hunting range?

While hunting a deer, you must keep a perfect distance from your targeted animal. Otherwise, it may be aware and run away from you. Therefore, your selected bullet type is also being fast and has good range to shoot.

deer hunting 223 caliber 3

A .223 caliber bullet comes to 75-90gr. Depending on your bullet choice. However, you can use this kind of bullet for 300-350 yards distance for hunting a deer.

Can you shoot & angle it comfortably?

Of course, you must be comfortable at positing your rifle to the deer and shoot it for hunting purpose. Some caliber bullets require those rifles that you may not able to position comfortably.

As a result, your hunting experience will be painful without being successful. Generally riles for the .223 caliber bullet rifles are comfortable to use and it enables you to shoot from a suitable angle.

Pros of using a .223 caliber Rifle

Many hunters are looking for higher caliber for hunting now a day. But, a .223 caliber rifle is enough to give you perfect hunting experience for a deer. There are many advantages of using the .223 caliber rifle that are discussed here shortly:

  • The best practice of hunting should be started with a .223 caliber rifle because this is easy and accurate to shoot. If you have not this rifle, you should go with another hunter’s rifle in order to understand how much accurate the .223 caliber rifles are!
  • 223 caliber bullets are not only accurate but also best for practice sessions. Remember that both practice and confidence are important in the field of hunting. If you do not feel confident to shoot at a deer, you will never able to hunt it.

    As the bullets are inexpensive, you will have lots of rounds to practice and grow your confident before the deer hunting session. Many hunters go with the .270 caliber Winchester bullet but fail to grow confident because they are very expensive to lose.
223 caliber in deer hunting 4
  • .223 caliber bullets are easy to pick from any place and you can easily go with 100 rounds for the practice session. No matter you afraid or brave, you must need to practice with the cartridge to hunt. Otherwise, you will never become a successful hunter to hunt a deer with a .223 caliber.
  • The .223 cartridge is small and light weight too. For that reason, this is very easy to carry more rounds with you during you are going for hunting

Now we know the advantage of the .223 caliber, let’s talked about some cons of it.

Cons of .223 Caliber

  • When it comes for rough shooting with terrible angles, you must not go with .223 caliber rifles. Sometimes, you may not able to shoot from tight angle and it may not be as accurate as you practiced. Overall, accuracy is good but not from any tight angle.
  • Because of being a small and light weight bullet, .223 can easily be influenced by heavy wind in a short distance.
.223, deer hunting, 5
  • The bullets have lower penetration and lower energy; as a result not suitable for big hunting opportunities
  • If you are in hurry to shoot, AR .223 caliber is not for you. Sometimes, it requires time to load and shoot. Moreover, you may face extraction and primers problem in case of quick loading

If you can accept the limitations of the .223 caliber for hunting a deer, you are most welcome to use the type of rifle. Remember that your right selection of caliber will only bring success to your hunting experience.

.223 caliber vs 22-250 caliber

If you are willing to start hunting from the next season, you may not have any idea about .223 caliber and .22-250 caliber. But, you will hear many factors regarding these two calibers.

On the other hand, different hunters prefer different caliber for hunting a deer. You need to understand, which is the best caliber for your hunting career?

deer hunting caliber .223 6

Therefore, here is a comparison table of .223 caliber vs .22-250 caliber for you-


.223 caliber

.22-250 caliber


Efficient for 300-350 yards distance

More efficient for longer distance than .223 caliber. Probably more than 400 yards distance


This is less expensive than .22-250

This is expensive to buy


Due to being inexpensive, gun stores often face shortage problem

Every gun store has good number of .22-250 calibers for hunters

Best for Practice Purpose

As .223 caliber is inexpensive, they are highly used for practice purpose.

.22-250 ammo is not suitable for practice purpose as it is expensive. However, if you can bear the expense of the ammo, 22-250 practice will be great for hunting experience.

Speed & Accurate

.223 is very accurate to its target but not shoots faster than .22-250

The accuracy depends on your skill on .22-250 rifles. However, it shoots faster and harder.

Muzzle Value

Almost 3428 fps

Nearly 4060 fps

Wind Influence Rate


Relatively low than .223 caliber

Now, you have the compare table between .223 caliber and .22-250 caliber. Therefore, this is easier to decide which caliber, you will choose for your hunting session.

Remember that .22-250 caliber is made for long distance shooting and hunting deer. Meanwhile, the .223 caliber is highly used for practice purpose, especially newbie to improve self confident.

Frequently Ask Questions about .223 Caliber

Many people ask lots of questions about .223 caliber for hunting a deer. For that reason, we have make a list of the most common questions for you in order to give all answer in a fix site.

Question 1: Is it legal to use a .223 caliber for hunting a deer?

Question 2: How to I know my rifle is perfect for .223 caliber?

Question 3: Can I convert my .223 caliber gun to any other caliber?

Question 4: Will I face any problem if I use .22LR caliber instead of .223 caliber AR-15?

Question 5: Can I use 5.56 NATO caliber in my .223 AR-15 rifle?

Question 6: Can I use conversion kit for .22LR in my AR-15 Rifle?

Question 7: Do I need any steel for my .223 Caliber?

Question 8: How long anyone can hear the sound?

Question 9: From where I should shoot using .223 caliber?

My Experience in using .223 caliber for deer hunting

At the beginning time as a hunter, I used .223 caliber for deer hunting as well as practice hunting. Since it is easy to buy and inexpensive, I choose .223 caliber.

Normally, the caliber helps me to carry more rounds with me because of light weight. Two years ago, I have hunted my first deer with caliber .223 from a distance of 240 yards (probably).
deer hunting caliber .223 9

However, after trying for several years, I have moved to another caliber cartridge because .223 caliber is not perfect for windy situation. Light weight bullets are easily influenced by wind and lost its accuracy.

In my 2 year experience using a .223 caliber for hunting deer, I have faced some problems with unique advantages. I did not need to spend high amount of money for caliber as well as feel no short of money for practice session.


.233 caliber for hunting a deer is good choice for the hunters especially for newbie. Easy to find and low price is the best advantage of the caliber cartridge to the hunters.

However, you should practice with the caliber first, understand the cons of the caliber and then, decide about the caliber. So, buy 10-20 rounds of .223 caliber for practice and then, decide should you go with the caliber for hunting a deer or move to another caliber.

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