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.308 Cartridge – A Perfect Caliber For North American Big Game

There are many people who are spending thousands of hours to discuss about the right cartridge for North American big games. You will find many books and research papers for finding out the best North American big game cartridge to help the new hunters.

There is no written document that dictates the best big game cartridge for North America. Many claims to use the .308 caliber cartridge, many think there is no perfect cartridge.

308 caliber

But, there are some ways that will help us to determining the perfect North American big game cartridge. The ways are-

  1. You should use the cartridge that will fasten the speed of the bullet.
  2. The cartridge should go through the vital elements of the animal body and damage the tissues effectively.
  3. The cartridge should not provide excessive recoil to the bullet.
  4. Only light weight cartridge are acceptable to carry for a long time and has perfectly compact sized.

When you will consider those mentioned items, you will now the .308 caliber cartridge is perfect for the North American big game. The caliber cartridge has some special type of features that makes it demanding.

All-Around Performance

Most of the cartridges are not acceptable for all sizes of the whitetails. However, .380 caliber cartridges are perfect for any sizes of whitetail deer in the world especially in the North America.

The Harder They Fall

When you want to hunt a big animal, your cartridge should have more power. Animal like moose will always need a higher cartridge in order to hit them in the vitals and stop oxygen production. .308 cartridge hit the big animals perfectly and do enough damage to down at a high speed (more than 200 times quicker than other cartridges).

Range It Out

When you face a situation of a long distance shooting, .308 caliber cartridge provide you the best option to hit the target with a high speed.

Twin Performers

When most of the hunters consider using .30-06 cartridge on the right side of the rifle in North American big game, having a .308 cartridge on left is a great combination. In fact, this will be a compact package for having powerful arms to hit any animal you want!

Conquering Africa

Before participating in the North American Big Games, hunters consider it easier than the African games. However, this is not true because big games become more robust and challenging here. While thinking of having a heavy load, a .308 Winchester cartridge is the most suitable option to pull down any size of animals, no matter it is 600-pound sable or 1000-pound moose.

Elk Worthy

Most of the modern hunters consider using magnum cartridge for hunting Elk. However, magnum is not enough to fall down a massive Mexico bull at all. A load with .308 Winchester cartridge will be the most perfect caliber to use and down the massive bull within a short time.

Wide Open Spaces

You will have both wide open space and forest areas for hunting location. As a result, choosing the cartridge according to the hunting location should be preferred. For that reason, .308 Winchester caliber suits the conditions of any hunting location with common benefits.

Loaded for Bear 

Do you want to have full preparation for hunting any type of animals including bear? Then, choosing the right cartridge is important because hunting bear is very much challenging. The .308 Winchester is a cartridge of military officers that suits for any type of animals.

Size Matters

Size and weight of an animal matter in the North American Big Games and you should choose the cartridge accordingly. When it comes to hunt a massive bull or sable, .308 Winchester caliber cartridge comes first to offer you the best shooting experience.

Verdict of .308 Winchester Caliber Cartridge

The bottom line is .308 Winchester cartridge is the best and most suitable for the North American big games. Although many of the hunters will have different opinions, this is the perfect cartridge that you should have. You are also welcome to do more research about the perfect North American big game cartridge but don’t get confuse. Of course, the cartridge may have some adverse aspects but don’t forget about the positive things too!

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