Shooting Position – One Of The Most Important Things

There are certain things that you will need to consider for having good shooting experience. The hunters will always need to hang-on with the rifle for a long time to hit the target. Shooting position is one of the most important things that you will need to know and choose the best position for you.

Some of the basic shooting positions for hunters are-

  1. Prone
  2. Prone with Bipod
  3. Sitting
  4. Kneeling
  5. Kneeling with tripod


basic shooting position prone

This is a position that simply lying down and keep the rifle on the stand of your two hands. Your hands will support the rifle and you will need to be hasty sling in this position. This is normally a position that the army officers trained in order to get a better and silent shooting experience.

The elbow will always support the rifle and both of your hands will need to be grounded well. Many hunters do not feel comfortable in this position because of not having strong elbow, sometimes, long time prone position could causes elbow pain too.

Prone with Bipod

basic shooting position prone with bipod

Prone with bipod is a good and old idea for the hunters in order to have a comfortable position. However, there are many types of solid things and ways that you may use for this position. You can use some things like bipod for getting more stability of your rifle. Some of the rifles can’t be stable in a fix bipod.

Therefore, using some stuff like bags or anything over the rifle could be helpful for those rifles. On the other hand, you can also try to keep solid things under your elbow in order to get support and don’t touch the ground directly.


Prone is the simplest and easiest way to get the target to shoot. Moreover, most of the hunters prefer the position too. However, because of having vegetation and unclear view, many step forward to sitting position. Getting a perfect sitting position is hard for any master hunters.

However, sitting on cross legs could give a hunter a better position and aiming point. This is not a stable position like prone but still can give you a better look of the target. On the other hand, you can change the position and style of sitting depending on the target angel with proper safety.


basic shooting position kneeling

This is not as stable position as prone and sitting but you can act faster than other hunting positions. This is a dropping position of the hasty sling to get your target.

Your weak side knee and foot will point at the target and it will support your elbow. You will have a 90 degree angle of kneeling on the strong foot. Depending on the limber, you can adjust the way of kneeling position like sitting on the foot or sitting on the heel.

Kneeling with tripod

This is a flexible position than other hunter positions because you will have a resting time. Using a high or low tripod is a good idea to have a stability of your rifle while aiming.

When you have a crossed tripod, you can easily keep the rifle over the tripod and hold the tripod with hand. This also follows the formal position of kneeling; you just need to add a tripod. On the other hand, you can customize the position and structure of the tripod depending on your flexibility and comfortableness.

Remember that every shooting position is not perfect for every hunter. In fact, different hunters will like different positions and you will need to try every position at the beginning. As soon as you find comfortable position with your rifle, you can follow the position always. Always keep in mind that a perfect position will allow you to be in the hunting session for a long time without having any trouble in health.

One more thing you will need to note in your mind; always take a bullet free rifle in order to practice in different positions. If you are directly moved to any certain hunting position, you will surely face some health trouble during the session. For that reason, always practice and choose the best, suitable and comfortable hunting position for hunting.

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