How To Improve Long Range Shooting Accuracy In 6 Simple Steps

Time is changing, and new technology and manufacturers are providing new facilities to the hunters and shooters. Most of the times, the companies are trying to provide the best quality rifles and ammunition to get best practice in the field. There are many things that are important for shooting accuracy.

Long range shooting becomes very important in the recent days. The shooters are becoming more familiar with the shooting range. There are different types of methods and techniques that will provide you the best experience and others. The accuracy will depend on your long range shooting rifles, calibers, cartridges, ammunition, and others.

Today we are here to discuss about the simple steps that will improve your long range shooting accuracy. Parallax and diopter adjustments, body position and other things in these steps. Therefore, a long range shooter must know about the terms and go with the time.

Long range shooting game depends on the accuracy and practice. However, there are some concerning points that can win you the game. Let’s discuss the top 6 simple steps to improve long range shooting accuracy in a short time.

Prevent Parallax Problems

Many of the newbie do not know that the object of the scope and the reticle need to be on the same focal plane. This is the main reason of parallax problems that will create many other problems. Long range shooters face the accuracy problem because of not understanding the phrase and importance properly.

Under a specific short distance shooting, the parallax error is not very high. Therefore, your shooting at 150 yards distance will not get any major impact. However, the accuracy will highly be affected when you will go for long range shooting.

Don’t you know how to fix it? Then, you must need to buy the scope that offers a marking option for adjusting the two things. When you will have a reference point, you can easily prevent parallaax problems.



Adjust Diopter Properly

You should always buy the modern long range scopes so that you can get a diopter adjustment feature. This is a feature that can allow you to adjust focal length to your eyes very quickly and smoothly.

There are different types of diopter available in the market that provides different types of positions and styles. A threaded eyepiece and twist of the wrist are two popular style of the scope to adjust the diopter.

It is good to have light colored background when you look through the scope. This technology helps you to set the diopter properly and focus on the objective for setting-up the feature.




A Better Doping The Wind Gear

The serious long range shooters get accuracy very well with a good rifle. Sometimes you will know about the distance, use the best rifle scope and caliber for long range shooting. Still, you will become disappointed because of lack of accuracy.

The reason is wind drop down problem that has a great impact for long range shooting. The wind flow differs between your position and your target. For that reason, the bullet can rise or down from your actually targeting area.

Before you shoot, you will need to look through the scope to understand the wind speed of the targeted location. You can take some time to measure the wind flow for shooting. However, you can also use your smart phone or wind flow measurement meter to get the information.




Know Ins & Outs Of Your Rifle Scope


Buying the most expensive rifle scope is not the only solution. You will also need to know everything about the scope in order to get accuracy. Beginner shooters spend a good amount of money for buying the best and expensive rifle scope, still, fail to attain the accuracy.

This is because of not having enough knowledge about the rifle scope. The features of the scope can’t give you accuracy, until you can use them properly. You should set the focal plane properly and select the right reticles of your scope. Moreover, you will need to use to select the MOA or MRAD lines for the reticle.

Some of the scope manufacturer provides only one and sometimes three options. Therefore, you will need to choose and select the right reticle that you feel natural. Some scopes also resets to zero automatically, and some needs manual action.

The features of the scope depend on the model, price and brand. Therefore, you must know ins and outs of the rifle scope, then decide to purchase for better accuracy.

Clean Regiment Regularly To Get Good Accuracy

Cleaning regiment of the rifle is very much important for the long range shooters. Every serious shooter finds a sweet spot of the rifle by cleaning. A regularly cleaned barrel provides more accurate shooting than normal barrel.

The competitive shooters always focus on the cleaning the barrel and find the sweet spot to get good accuracy. A constant cleaning regiment is important in order to get the accuracy. When you will maintain the regiment and clean is regularly, you will surely get a superb level of accuracy.


Perfect Body Position & Breathing

Long range shooters always need a perfect body position and breathing for shooting. A little movement in position can have a big impact on the shooting. The outcome of your shooting will make you a loser, in case you are not serious of your body position.

Focus on the scope, breath, and then, hold your breath for shooting. This will provide you the best shooting accuracy, than pulling the trigger when breathing normally.




These are the simple 6 steps to improve long range shooting accuracy. For that reason, follow the simple rules so that you can good accuracy for long range shooting. Don’t forget that every step is important for increasing your ability to shoot at long range. Therefore, you should not wait for the time; in fact, you will need to make the time for you! Then, you can expect a good result from your long range competitive game.


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