What You Need To Know About Rifle Scope With Red Dot On Top

While choosing an aiming device for your rifle, you will have a variety of options in front of you. Rifle scope and red dot sight are the two extremely preferred by shooters and hunters. Do you want to know the rifle scope vs red dot sight? Then, a little bit of research is required in order to get the idea for this.

What about having both in a single rifle? Isn’t it sound cool and professional for hunting? Of course, a rifle scope with a red dot on the top is possible now a day in order to provide you with the best shooting experience.

The rifle scope is designed with proper magnification levels for the hunters and shooters to have an optical zoom to watch the object more clearly. At the same time, red dot sights are designed with a view to offering higher FOV on a wide screen and providing a short-distance shooting experience.

Now a day, rifle scope with a red dot on the top is available for shooters and hunters who want to have both long-range and short-range shooting ability. But, before you approach to buy such kind of rifle accessory for you, you should consider the following things:

Increase Efficiency of Shooting

When you have a rifle scope, you can easily hit the target long-range by using magnification. Hunters as well as the defense force love to have the scopes in order to get maximum accuracy. But, the short-distance shooting capability using a scope needs time to re-focus using the magnification.

Having a rifle scope with a red dot on the top means a lot for the hunters and army officers. When you will have a red dot on the top that will increase the efficiency for the short distance shooting too! Using the red dot sight, you do not need any magnification power, just see the red dot and shoot at the target!

Two-in-one Service!

If you buy the scope and red dot sight separately, this will need time to set up on the rifle. On the other hand, you may need both at the same time too! When you have a rifle scope with a red dot on the top, you do not need to set your rifle each time before hunting!

Just took the rifle and go hunting! Moreover, a single storage box is enough for the aiming device. Therefore, no extra luggage or boxes to carry for having a good shooting or hunting session.

Shooting Time & Preferences

Shooting with a scope needs a little bit of time because you need to adjust the magnification and manage the parallax for shooting. On the other hand, fast-mover animals are hard to hunt using scopes. Normally, they move fast and little movement on scope creates a huge distance for magnification. As soon as you aim for the target, you may lose focus and fail to hit.

Shooting Time & Preferences

When you have a red dot on the top of the scope, you can use the aiming point at any time. Therefore, hunting fast-moving animals become easier than before. Moreover, this means you can use the perfect timing device because you have both!

Heavy & Bulky

This is one of the limitations of buying rifle scopes with red dots on the top because this will make the rifle heavier and bulkier than before. As a result, you will need to have more energy to walk with the rifle for a long hunting day.

As you will have red dot sight on the top of the scope, it will become bulkier than a normal scope. Therefore, you will need extra care and be aware of storing the scope. In addition, the durability of the scope is limited, so, extra red dot sight on the top will simply increase the risk of full damage too! On the contrary, the carrying box of the accessory may be one but the weight will increase! So, don’t feel amazing when you hear about one box because a box does not mean reducing the weight!

Parallax and No-Parallax

Scopes are born with parallax problems and only 100-150 yards distance shooting has no parallax problem. For that reason, the new hunters could face difficulty to handle the scope’s parallax.

If you want to enjoy the no-parallax for short-range shooting, you may go with the red dot sight or buy the combo with the scopes. Therefore, you will get parallax for long-range shooting and no parallax with easy focus with the red dot.

Now you know both the advantage and disadvantages of having a rifle scope with a red dot on top of it for hunting and shooting. For that reason, this will become easier to select either separate them or buy the combo design!

Respectively, the combo design models are limited in the market because people love to have a separate model in order to be experienced and expert on a single device. On the other hand, the price of the scope with red dot sight on the top is fairly high for its features.

There are certain things that you need to consider while buying the rifle scope with a red dot on the top and they are-

  1. The diameter of the scope and appropriate weight
  2. The optical zoom and magnification level of the scope
  3. The length of the tube (try to buy the small size to get lower weighted scope)
  4. The eye relief of the scope as well as the pattern of the dot size of a red dot sight
  5. Field Of View of both scope and red dot sight
  6. Try to have the scope that provides an electric red dot on the top because it offers longtime support

The points will always give you the best help in order to choose the best scope with a red dot for your rifle. Remember that you should focus on the quality and features of the accessory instead of thinking of the price. Just go with the accessory when you have a proper budget because buying lower-priced accessories will never help you!

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