How To Choose The Best .17 Caliber Rifles

20th century is regarded as one of the best time for the ammunition industry. This is the time, when the industry gets the most wonderful rifles and calibers. .17-caliber is one of the best ammunition in the history that has record sales in the market.

Generally, there were different types of calibers in the market, but, Flobert, a Swiss gunsmith tried to bring a new caliber in the market. In fact, he thought an idea to bring a sub-caliber in the ammo industry. A small rim-fire cartridge, .17 caliber was the real invention of his idea. This is a 4.32 millimeters caliber, when the product was to bring 6mm caliber.

.17-caliber was regarded as one of the most accurate caliber for that decade. This caliber was invented in the United States in 1920s. This is the best caliber in the small games, but, the accuracy level is very high for 200-400 yards distance.

There are certain things that you will need to remember when using .17-caliber in your rifle. This is really an impressive caliber to damage anything very efficiently. You will always need to clean the rimfire versions in order to get good result. This needs extreme care cleaning versions, otherwise, this can also damage your rifle too!

You might not find the best .17 caliber rifles that are available in the market. For that reason, we are here to discuss about the best .17 caliber rifles that you can purchase if you want!

Alexander Arms .17 HMR

Do you like AR-15 rifles for having .17 caliber shoots? Then, this is the real path of happiness, because this is an impressive rifle with ground up style. It features a fluted 18-inch barrel along with collapsible stock and monolithic magazine. Moreover, you will have an easy way to assemble the rifle for upper use. In addition, you can easily use .223 caliber AR, if you move from.17 caliber.



Browning T-Bolt

Do you want to have a fast repeating bolt-action rimfire for .17 caliber? Then, this is the right option for you because this is really an outstandingly designed rifle with great finishing.

This is a fine firearms that comes with 22-inch varmint-contour barrel and you can easily adjust the trigger too. The rifle offers a semi-match chamber in the ammunition that improves the accuracy level of the rifle. You can easily hold 10 rounds of .17 caliber in this uniquely design bolt-action rifle.



Cooper Arms Model 21 Varminter

Cooper industry always brings the finest rifles to the firearm lovers. The Model 21 is not different from others; a turn-bolt action rifle is perfect for .17 caliber Remington. However, the price of the rifle is very high, but, depends on the type of quality wood.

This is a perfect rifle for bench-top snipping for long distance shooting. You can easily get a good hiking experience with hunting with the rifle. Moreover, you can also get a .204 Ruger caliber chamber that is easy to convert from .17 caliber option.



CZ 455 American

Are you looking for a short distance shooting rifle with perfect rimfire bolt action style? Then, CZ action is perfectly designed for the .17 caliber shooting experience. This is a sleek rifle that provides great accuracy level for 50-yard distance shooting.

You will have a hammered forged barrel along with adjustable trigger option. Also, you will get two barrel package in one rifle. As a result, you can use .22 LR caliber and .17 HMR caliber for greater accuracy. This is a suitable rifle in case you want to get an optimum choice with quality and affordable option.



CZ 527 American

A traditional style rifle lover will surely like this rifle, because of its controlled-freed actions. This is a perfect model that provides a detachable single steel magazine style build-up. You can easily keep 5 rounds capacity in this rifle with adjustable trigger.

This is a perfect rifle for you if you want bench-type shooting practice and hunting. The rifle features with a hammer forged barrel and give you scope mounting option very easily. However, the rifle will need a special CZ rings in order to mount the rifle. You will get a perfect and excellent accuracy for 100 yards shooting with the rifle.



Marlin Model XT-17R

This is another excellent rifle for .17 caliber from Marlin rifle industry. This has been used for bear hunting in Canada for a long time. The rifle is perfect for local fur hunters, because of its accuracy and flexibility of shooting.

The .17 caliber helps to provide quick and clean kills in the hunting session. The 22-inch barrel will always provide you a fine shooting experience. Stainless steel barrel along with synthetic stock is comfortable to hold with detachable magazines.



Savage B-Mag

This is a uniquely design and featured rifle for .17 WSM cartridge. This is an interesting rifle of the company that provides a good facilities to the shooters.

The crossed-slot scope bases design with its rail-type options seems to be a good addition to the rifle. Moreover, the magazine comes with a rotary design and can give you 8 calibers in per round. Don’t worry about the quality of the barrel, because the 22 inches barrel is easy to adjust and clean. In short, this is a suitable option with light weight feature that really enhances the quality of the rifle.




These are the best .17 caliber rifles that are available in the market. You will always get clean kills and great accuracy from the caliber. Moreover, the quality of the rifles is extremely well to provide you the best chance. In addition, you will always have a good perfection, and the first couple of rifles offer built-in scope for easy shooting at long distance. Don’t forget to use specific rings in order to mounting the rifles so that you can get good accuracy. Always remember that you should get the best level of shooting experience, and should practice a lot to get good accuracy from .17 caliber rifles.



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