How To Choose A Great New Scopes For 2016 Deer Season

The shooters and hunters do not use many types of equipment in the field. However, the American deer hunters change attitude towards hunting session, and move towards using different types of equipments for better result. Rifle scope is one of the most important equipment in the recent days.

Choosing the right rifle scope is a must for every hunter. Of course, this is different types of scopes available, such as lightweight with compact size design, versatile scopes and high magnification scopes. If you like to react quickly and easily, the lightweight and compact size designed scope is for you. Those who want to reach a long distance deer need a high magnification scope.

The price of the rifle scopes vary brand to brand and quality to quality. If you are beginner, this is wise to spend around $500 for a new scope. However, you should spend nearly $1000 if you want to get really good rifle scope. Normally, hunters are using top quality scopes that priced more than $1000 to get premium gear and have a good start.
We have selected the best riflescopes for you that provide good quality and versatility. Surely, you will like our 7 new scopes for 2015 deer season and have good impact in the field.

Burris Veracity 2-10x-42mm

This is one of the best rifle scopes in the market, easy to maintain with good quality. The scope is made of premium glass that provides clear view and internal fogging resistant. In addition, the 30mm robust tube will always give you a good way to carry and adjust to your hunting rifle.



The waterproof quality scope will give you shock resistant with repeatable wind feature. Moreover, the elevation is very easy to adjust. The 22.7 oz weight rifle scope is a suitable option to give you a good achievement in the competition. It comes with lifetime warranty with no question asked money refund option.

Leupold VX-6 2-12x42mm

This is the most expensive scope in our great new scopes for 2015 deer season list. Using the scope is very challenging but quality equipment for deer hunting. This is a USA product that provides ultra zoom option from 2X to 12X. Moreover, the versatility and windage adjustment turrets are easy to set.



Using the reticle option in this scope is no hard. Moreover, the reticle is effective for shooting. If you are a good hunter, you will surely win the versatility championship using the scope. The 16.8 oz scope is really a lightweight option with easy to adjust and setup to your rifle for greater opportunity and object targeted.

Nightforce SHV-4-14x56mm

Nightforce brand is well known for providing top quality rifle scopes. Although the brand slips in the market for some reasons, there is no negative saying about the quality of the scopes. SHV scope provides good optical zoom with a clear view through the scope.



However, the scope is a bit larger to aim from a large timber. But, the quality, elevation turret and consistent adjustment are very ideal for aiming. Another important issue of the scope is its 56mm object lens. This provides complete view in the darkness areas too. Two capable reticles are used in order to enhance the versatility level of the scope that ensures good hunting experience.

Nikon Monarch-7 2.5-10x50mm

No one can deny that Nikon rifle scopes are highly qualified because of the brand name and quality. The 30mm tube of the rifle scope offers a custom XR turret that is the special feature in this model. The features enhance the quality of shooting as you can specify the quality and selected caliber type in the scope.


Nikon features Ultra Clear Coat lens coating design for the quality aiming. As a result, the scope offers 95 percent light transmission to provide clear view through the scope glass. The scope is fully designed for easy and clear aiming in the foggy and rainy seasons.

Redfield Revolution Tac 3-9x40mm

Every hunter dreams to have the scope from the American scope company, named ‘Redfield Revolution’. TAC is the latest scope of the brand that is affordable and designed especially for the newbie. This is a waterproof scope with no excuse lifetime warranty from the brand.


The classic configuration of the scope will give the hunters a good combination of feature. The low profile elevation turret is a good option in the scope for hit long distance deer with full accuracy. The coating of the scope is designed with multi-layer vapor-deposited material. As a result, the quality of the image enhances and reticle offers quick holdover to the target.

Zeiss Terra 3-9x-42mm

Terra scope of Zeiss brand is regarded as one of the best engineered scope in 2015. The brand considers the German engineers in order to get the top quality performance. This is specially made for the Japan geography hunting, and follows the manufacturing method of Germany.


The scope designs with a classic high cost European scope. The price is not too much high, but, the magnification range is impressive to the hunters. The deer hunting concept goes well with the scope, because this provides two reticles, with waterproof and fog proof internal design. Zeiss follows the German QC standards for designing the scope.

Bushnell Elite LRHS 3-12x44mm

This is our last great new scope for 2015 but another expensive scope for your rife. This is a long range hunting scope that designs with a 30mm tube.


G2H reticle is used in this scope with six miles of windage adjustment option. Moreover, this is really effective for targeting the range shooting and magnification very easily. Moreover, returning to the zero point is simple for the newbie. Waterproof and fog proof feature of the scope made is a great scope for long range deer hunting.


Now you have the 7 great new scopes for 2015 deer hunting season in different price ranges and features. Therefore, you can easily pick any of the scope depending on your budget and required features in the scope. Expensive rifle scopes for 2015 would be great with lifetime warranty and great magnification power.

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