How To Use The Right Rifle Caliber For The Beginner Shooters

Using the right rifle caliber is very important issue for the beginner shooters. Most of the things depend on selecting the right rifle and caliber for any shooting competition. For that reason, many of you will want to know what the calibers that the pros use in the championship match.

rifle calibers


Before going on comparison and real information, there are certain things that you will need to know. Basically, the caliber depends on time and pros use to change the caliber because of many things. For example, the calibers that are used in 2013 are not being used in the year 2014 and 2015.

Rifle Calibers

If you research for the best caliber that a pro uses, you will find the 6mm caliber in the top list. Depending on the rifle, shooters use to choose between 6mm caliber and 6.5mm caliber. However, the shooters prefer to use 6mm caliber in 2014 more than 6.5mm caliber.

However, a study highlighted that top shooters are using 6mm caliber rather than loading rifle with 6.5mm. According to the experts, only 40% professional shooters use 6.5mm in the competitions specially the national wide matches.

The top rank shooters prefer to use the 6mm caliber than others. The 6mm calibers are used for long-range shootings. As a result, the shooters use this and they get good result in the competitions. If you consider last 3 years data, you will find 9 shooters out of top 10 use 6mm caliber. However, the rest of the competitors have a different opinion and selections of the calibers.

There is no correlation between using 6mm caliber and winning the top 10 positions or do better. In fact, all of the top rankers are highly professional and can be successful either using 6mm or 6.5mm.

Most Popular Rifle Cartridges

Whenever you are discussion about the pros caliber, the cartridge also sits behind. Caliber and cartridge are two most common phrases that speak almost together. Depending on the caliber and cartridge, you will get accurate shooting result.

There are many things that depend on the choosing of cartridge depending on the caliber. However, most of the well-ranked shooters use 6mm Creedmoor cartridge than others. Therefore, this has become one of the most leading and dominating cartridges in the history in 2014.

Don’t you feel comfortable using the cartridge? Then, you might go with the second option named 6.5×47 Lapua cartridges. This is very close to the 6mm cartridges in the ammunition field. However, the shooters especially the rankers prefer equally both of the cartridges.

The 6.5 Creedmoor cartridges were also popular just few years ago because of having faith on 260 Remington. Still many shooters believe on old ethics to use it. As the shooters are getting good response and effectiveness from the 6mm cartridge, they moved to the cartridge.

Of course, you can choose any of the 6.5mm cartridges in the market depending on the past few years. However, this can be compared to the betting on the dead horse in the racing competition.

Basically, 6mm calibers and cartridges are belongs to the top level shooters in any type of competition. From 2011, those calibers are used by the pros because of the efficiency. Moreover, pros are using because they have faith on the capability of the calibers.

Rifle caliber is important to become a pro in any competition. Therefore, you will also need to set up your mind for the best and top level calibers for upcoming session. Don’t forget to calculate the statistical data for any type of similarity and dissimilarity to your rifle.

Remember that there are some specific shooting rifles that offer good result for the 6mm calibers. Therefore, you should also try to follow the rifle, caliber and cartridge that the pros use. The pros are the leading path winners who will teach you the lession and give you a clear direction to any place.

For that reason, don’t rush to any competition without knowing what pros use in past few years. A comparison data and the calibers of the top ranked shooters can give you the exact way that you need. Wait for the right time, research on the past few years caliber, top rankers decision and selection to expect good result.

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