Best Muzzleloader To Buy In 2015

Muzzleloader is one of the most important firearms in the field of rifles. This is highly used in the modern guns in order to get complete accuracy at long ranges.

This is loaded from the muzzle of any gun and workable for all categories of bullet. You can use a muzzleloader from cannons to small caliber bullets in order to get accurate range finding and shoot at the target.

Once there was a time when we could not shoot at a long distance from 75-85 yards. Shooting at a distance of 100 yards depends on luck and skill of a person.

However, now this has become easier for any shooter to target and shoot more than 100 yards very easily. In fact, the powerful rifles allow shooting 200-300 yards distance too! It’s all because of having a muzzleloader in the gun.

Some of the highly efficient and featured guns offer about 500 yard shooting experience, meanwhile, the muzzleloaders are for professionals and high-budget oriented group.

best muzzleloader 1

Now a day, in-line muzzleloader offers you to shoot at a distance of 200 yards with guarantee. However, the range distance depends on the models and brands of the gun. Bolt-action style works better than a hammer-action guns while targeting long range. On the other hand, you will also find some muzzleloaders in the market that will provide you accurate targeting up to 500 yards too!

Buying a muzzleloader for hunting has become very common among the hunters specially the traditional hunters. For that reason, you need to know the best muzzleloaders in 2015 in order to buy them for your hunting season. Don’t forget to get feature and how to shoot a muzzleloader for hunting before buying it too!

A comparison table among the best 5 muzzleloaders for hunting will give you a perfect look and helps you to select the right one for hunting. Therefore, have a look on the comparison table in order to get the maximum benefits.

Ashland Gun Innovations

CVA Accura V2

Knight Mountaineer

LHR Sporting Arms Redemption



Uses IMR 4189 smokeless powder

Normal Black Powder

Not Specified

Black Powder

Black Powder


A Straight Down Barrel

Nitride rust-proofing Barrel

Water-proof Barrel

Water-proof Barrel

Fluted Barrel

Aim Distance:

500 yards

150 yards

200 yards

250 yards

300 - 350 yards

Availability Design:







0.45 Caliber

0.50 Caliber

0.50 Caliber

0.50 Caliber

0.50 Caliber






$600 (varies depending on design)

Let’s have a clear and brief discussion over the top 5 muzzleloaders for hunting.

Ashland Gun Innovations

Ashland Gun Innovations in-line muzzleloader is one of the best for hunting in the market. This is from the Ashland brand, and does not use any black power like other normal muzzleloaders.

IMR 4189 smokeless powder is used instead of using random black power to give you a good service. Some of you may have problem if you are a newbie to use the rifle. For that reason, Ashland gun innovations have used the smokeless power.

The muzzleloader is also useful because it offers the center-fire rifle cartridge to the hunters. You can use a 0.45 caliber bullet instead of using a sabot.

best muzzle loader 2

Now take this Ashland Gun Innovations muzzleloader with you for hunting and you will get 500 yards accurate shooting experience. Yes, you have read 500 yards accurate shooting capability in this muzzleloader on a Remington action.


  • Use IMR 4149 smokeless powder
  • Perfect for .45 caliber
  • A Straight Down Barrel

CVA Accura V2 Muzzleloader

CVA Accura V2 is an ideal muzzleloader in the rainy days and gives unique experience to hunt on rain. This is a rust-resistant barrel muzzleloader that prevents any type of corrosion problem for water. For that reason, the hunters do not need for waiting for rain stop or hear weather news at all.

At the same time, no need to clean the barrel every time after used. You can feel free to clean the muzzleloader in every one or two day hunting interval. As a result, this has become a well matched muzzleloader for the hunters because of the two amazing features.

best muzzleloader 3

The Bergara barrel has been used in the muzzleloader in order to give a stainless steel feature to the hunters. The bolt-action in-line series muzzleloader is highly efficient with its 27 inches barrel. The action style makes you flexible to use it for hunting with a built-in aim holder.

On the other hand, there are many other customer finishes muzzleloaders available in the same model. Moreover, Accura has different state pass with legal muzzleloaders designs for the hunters.


  • Stainless steel rust resistant 27 inches barrel
  • No need of regular cleaning
  • Legal design for the hunters

Knight Mountaineer Muzzleloader

Knight Mountaineer muzzleloader rifle is made by American Rifle Company that gives full accuracy during hunting. It comes with a 27-inch stainless steel barrel that needs to clean up after shooting.

The muzzleloader offers clear accuracy at a 200 yards distance and suitable for hunting a deer. With a DynaTek bore coating and adjustable trigger, you will have a comfortable shooting experience during the hunting days.

best muzzleloader 4

Currently, the muzzleloader is available in three different colors including forest green, shadow grey and brown. You can choose different caliber Knight Mountaineer muzzleloader from 0.52 calibers, 0.50 calibers and 0.45 caliber bullet muzzleloader.


  • 27 inch stainless steel barrel
  • Perfect for 3 calibers (.45 caliber, .50 caliber and .52 caliber)
  • DynaTek Bore Coating
  • Adjustable trigger

LHR Sporting Arms Redemption

LHD Sporting Arms Redemption is an American-made rifle that comes with a unique design. The brand has more than 80 years of experience in the field of sporting materials and guns for the hunters.

The muzzleloader is very efficient and looks like a single-shot shotgun. The main body of the muzzleloader is made from solid wood and ensures a break-open lever like shotguns.

best muzzleloader 5

The muzzleloader offers an optional loose power primer adapter so that you can have an improved ignition service. At the same time, Amornite corrosion protection is included in the barrel of the muzzleloader.

A 26 inch stainless steel barrel always provides you an experience of long range shooting. With 1:28 twisting feature, it comes with a sabot-style projectile for the professional hunters too!

The hammerless muzzleloader is easy to understand how to operator to every hunter with a FT2 match trigger. The match trigger increases the accuracy of the muzzleloader.

You will also have a Next G2 camo pattern and a black composite look along with a wooden structure. The wooden structured style is highly recommended for the left-handed hunters and other patterned style is suitable for right-handed hunters.

  • 26 inch stainless steel barrel
  • Works like break open shotgun
  • Sabot-style projectile
  • FT2 match trigger

Thompson/Center Pro Hunter FX

Pro Hunter FX is one of the best muzzleloaders that you can ever find in the mind. The muzzleloader is not only having efficient functionality but also looks handsome in the hunter’s hand.

The shining 26 inches stainless steel barrel in the black body looks amazing to hold. Moreover, the bolt-action style in-line makes the design more modern and ergonomic friendly to a hunter.

Two-tone synthetic design gives the Pro Hunter FX muzzleloader a great look with its fluted barrel. You may not find any other cool muzzleloader in the market that suits for 0.50 caliber bullet. In some cases, you may also use .45 caliber in the shooting rifle.

best muzzleloader 6

A low-profile swing hammer is functioning in the muzzleloader with a reversible feature. On the other hand, you can clean the rifle within a short time, meanwhile, free from corrosion because of having Weather Shield coating.

Therefore, no reason of fearing due to wet weather, meanwhile, easy to clean because of having a stainless steel barrel.


  • Suitable for .50 caliber
  • Low-profile swing hammered style muzzleloader
  • 26 inch long barrel
  • Have Weather Shield Coating

Do you know the best muzzleloader to buy & How to select it?

Before going to select and buy a muzzleloader, you must also know how to buy the best gun for hunting. For making your decision easy, we have selected some important part to tell you-

  1. Design
  2. Price
  3. Caliber
  4. Barrel
  5. Action
  6. Brand

Design of muzzleloader

Although design of muzzleloader is not the major factor while choosing a gun for hunting, you should look for an ergonomic design. Design of the muzzleloader will really be a matter of factor when you are very choosing on your hunting items.

Depending on the design, you may have two variations in the muzzleloader. Some of the muzzleloaders have hammer and some of them don’t have. On the contrary, you may have special design for finger holder to hold it tight. Or, you may go with the normal and traditional designer of the hunting gun like a trigger.


The price of the muzzleloader is also an important factor because you have to bear this. The price of the gun is not the only matter to think about. In fact, the expense on the calibers, maintenance and powder should be included too.

Depending on your budget and favorite items for hunting, you may choose a model. Therefore, go for the muzzleloader that suits to your budget for the hunting season.


Caliber is not a matter of fact if you are buying the muzzleloader for practicing or just because you like to have a hunting gun.

However, serious hunters need to select a good caliber that suits to the gun. Before going to purchase, you must know the calibers that your gun suits. On the other hand, what caliber is best for your hunting experience?

Normally, .45 caliber and .50 caliber muzzleloaders are very common to the hunters. Although many use .54 caliber and .58 caliber for hunting with a muzzleloader, they are not recommended to use.


When it comes to the point of muzzleloader’s barrel, you will have varieties to choose from. Think about the size of the barrel, material of the barrel, maintenance cost of the barrel are some of the parts.

best muzzleloader 7

You should prefer the stainless steel barrel muzzleloader as they are not complicated to clean up. On the other hand, you may not need to clean the barrel after daily use.

However, stainless steel barrel may give you cushion problem. In addition, maintenance expensive of the barrel is high than other barrels, you should prefer it.


You will get three variations of muzzleloader action while buying one for hunting.

  1. Hammer muzzleloader
  2. Bolt-action in-lines
  3. Plunger-style in-line

Hammer-style muzzleloader is the most suitable action for the left-handed hunters. However, you may select the bolt-action in-lines muzzleloaders because they are highly popular and modern in this decade.

best muzzleloader 8

On the other hand, this action style is ergonomic friendly with proper style and design. Plunger-style in-line guns are simple and reliable for long range shooting.


Buying a good brand product is a major concerning factor for the customers. Buying a muzzleloader is also not different from the concerned point. Most of the muzzleloader customers prefer to select the brand that has a long time manufacturing profile with good tracking record.

In that case, you may prefer Savage 10ML-II that has 5 years manufacturing experience. Thompson/Center Arms, Knight Rifles and Austin & Halleck are also some of the popular muzzleloader brand.


Now you know the best muzzleloader in the market for hunting as well as how to select a muzzleloader for hunting. For that reason, you may select any of the best armor for your hunting.

At the same time considering the above things that needed to be considered while buying. If you follow and prefer the concerning points, you will surely be able to buy the best muzzleloader for your upcoming hunting season.

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Mark Reinke says October 9, 2015

I continue to find it beyond frustrating that virtually every single article I read regarding muzzleloaders and this type of hunting only speaks to those who have the options of the eastern hunter. In the West, Idaho specifically, 209 primers, Large rifle primers, Scopes/Optics, Sabots’, etc… are not an option for us. When is someone going to dive in and test the limited selection that we are forced to choose from, and give us some further insight into making a rifle selection?
You guys aren’t really muzzleloader hunting, you are playing with a slowed down version of a standard rifle with a bigger bore!

Michael Weaver says October 31, 2015

I believe you have a serious typo that could result in some serious injuries. Your chart lists the the Pro Hunter FX as using smokeless powder. That is incorrect. Please correct before somebody tries it.

    Jimmy Chew says November 1, 2015

    Sorry it’s my typo error. I fixed it. Thank you for let me know!

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