Bison Hunting – The Most Exciting Hunt Experience

On my visit to the old United States nickel, I came across a huge picture of an animal that was so odd looking. I think no one has ever seen this strange looking animal except in a circus or some zoo. Some people denote it as a buffalo but actually it’s not. However, after some research and asking from few people residing over there, I came to know that it is BISON. Animals that are buffaloes usually live in Africa and Asia but it was the American Bison.

Bison is from the same buffalo family and this is the reason why some people call it buffalo only. Long before, bison use to roam all over the United States from Canada down to Mexico. But now after so many years, you will not find even a single bison. But if you are a hunting freak, you must know where to look for them as there are few herds where they reside.

You can easily identify bison as it has long shaggy mane and beard, big hump on the back and the size it has. It has so thick hair that covers its front legs, head and neck completely making it easy for you recognize it. Can you guess the weight of a bison? You will be awe-struck knowing its size i.e. around 2 thousand pounds. Yeah, you read it right!! Bison weighs this much. The head of bison is so heavy that it hangs down low as if it cannot hold up the weight properly. In all this, you tell me that i it is so easy to hunt a BISON? Well, absolutely not!! Real hunters actually find it difficult to hunt Bison due to the scarcity and secondly due to their size.

How to Know When Bison is Angry or Satisfied?

While on your hunt, you can easily spot the difference between a contented and an angry bison. If its tail droops, it is satisfied but if the tail rises like a cat, bison is angry. It has short tail with curved and heavy horns. In the spring season, bison usually sheds its coat and when fall starts, it again grows the winter coat that is specifically in dark brown color with rich texture. During the winter, it is dark brown color whereas in spring, the color is lighter comparatively.

When to Hunt Bison?


No denying to the fact that bison is a powerful animal. But they are very friendly and timid also. So hunting them is actually a challenge. The property of bison is not to attack any creature unnecessarily and when it can avoid attacking, it does. Though this animal is not very clever, it is easy to hunt them but requires a great skill of hunting. Indians living in the plains of the US used to hunt bison and eat its meat. Bison’s meat was the main food of the then Indians. Bison gets easily killed if you are good at hunting. What happens is when they move to herds, it becomes easy to hunt them. And in winters, they leave the place to look for warmer places and when they roam all over the country, hunt them immediately. You can easily find them roaming in winters across the plains that is an easy way to hunt and kill them for meat.

Bison is an active animal right after its birth and it is able to run exactly after three hours of birth. Also, they start grazing earlier when they are six days old only. Because they eat natural food and are natural grazers, they can be seen along the rivers or areas where there is old vegetation. So if you are looking to hunt bison, you must check out such places first to find them. However, they are fond of eating grass, willow, ground birch and silverberry etc. In Alaska, winters are severely chilly so it is hard for the bison to reside there and so they move to warmer places to take shelter. So I would suggest hunting a Bison when there are winters and it’s the time for them to move at warmer places, you can easily search them while roaming.

Can Bison Bear Winters?

Yes, of course they can bear winters if they are healthy from inside. The thick layer of hair keeps it away from chilly winds to strike deep inside the skin and so it is a benefit for the Bison. Because they are huge, they can perfectly push the snow to eat their food if they smell anything beneath the deep snow.

Why to Hunt Bison?

Well, it is a great experience to hunt Bison. Since hunting a bison controls the population from overburdening but it is a daunting task as I already said. Stalking a bison is tough and so as hunting it. So you have to play very careful while the whole hunting session. My motive to hunt bison is to take it eat its meat as I very much like the meat because it tastes more of like beef. Yummy to eat, though!!

Bison is a huge animal so you must never take it casual to hunt it. Be brave and strong while hunting it as it can cause life threats.

It has been claimed that 60 million bison are seen roaming in Mexico to Canada in the nineteenth century. So they must be somewhere. Go ahead for the hunting session as you will definitely find at least one bison for hunting and then having its delicious meat. For Indians, bison is like a boon as they use their hides for clothes making and tents etc. So bison holds a significant value for the Indians!!

Let’s pack your bag with all the necessary hunting gears and go on a hunt of this huge animal today. Hope you have a great BISON hunting experience!! Have a great day…

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