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How To Selecting The Best Type Of Bullet For Shooting And Hunting

How To Selecting The Best Type Of Bullet For Shooting And Hunting

Selecting the right type of bullet is really important for both shooting and hunting. When you are unable to select the right type of bullet, you can’t become a sharp hunter at all. Before you are proceeding to any particular bullet, you must know the differences and performance level of bonded bullets and non-bonded bullets.

The advantage and disadvantage of bonded and non-bonded bullets can easily draw an easy conclusion for you. Therefore, we are here to give you a complete bonded vs. non-bonded bullets comparison on basis on advantage and disadvantage.

What Is A Bonded And Non-Boned Bullet?

The basic of bonded and non-boned bullets is very simple. The difference is very simple and easy to understand for the hunters.

A bonded bullet’s lead core is secure to its jacket. However, the process can be different from one manufacturer to another manufacturer. Sometimes the manufacturer prefers to melt the copper until the lead fills completely.

This bonding purpose is very much important because this will help for heavy bones during hunting. This will create deeper affect on the animals and give perfect result. The African plains game is the best place where you can use this type of bullet for your hunting game.



Non bonded bullets are very simple to make for the manufacturers. There are less ways to make it unique and different for hunting. Moreover, they are not as expensive as the bonded bullets. As a result, this is plus point for both the manufacturer and hunters.

This type of bullets is mainly used for the thin-skinned animal hunting with light bodied. Therefore, the hunters use this type of bullet for deer as well as the antelope in maximum time. Moreover, the hunters are using the bullets on the big games because they are less expensive with great accuracy level.

Is it enough for you to know just the basic of the bullets? Of course, not! You will need to know the placement of the bullet and performance variation in order to get perfect result for this.

Comparison of Bullets on Basis on Common Hunting Scenarios

Quartering To

You will need to understand the use and performance level of boned and non-boned bullets before you choose. For example, if you shoot a whitetail that is nearly 250 pounds with a non-bonded bullet, this will result to damage the maximum parts efficiently. However, this is really important to know that the same category bullet is not enough for hunting a 1,100 pounds elk at all.

Moreover, the type of cartridge and level of velocity is also important for shooting. For example, you will get good velocity performance for the .308 Winchester, 7mm-08 Remington and more from a non-bonded bullet. On the other hand, the magnum cartridges provide a good facility and performance for the bonded bullet.

Broadside Being the Shoulder

When you are in broadside game animal, you will need to choose the bullet depending on the nose design. The soft lead core and hard lead core is two important things to be considered. Normally, the overall flow design creates a mushroom sharp for the hunters.

Therefore, the way of selecting the bullet is something like you need. In this case, how the bullet will affect the mushroom is very much important for hunting.

When you will use non-bonded bullets to hit the mushroom, this will not go longer to the vitals. Moreover, it will lose the weight as well as the speed at the time of hitting. As a result, the bullet can’t give deep penetration that you need.

In this case the bonded bullets provide the best way to hunt for the mushroom shaped animals. They will provide you the right design and controlled fashion for shooting. Moreover, the deepest penetration feature of the bullet is the best reason to hit the animal and let it done!

Broadside on the Shoulder

Now it’s time to think about shooting on the shoulder of the animal when hunting. This is the vital position, because many hunters choose to shoot on the shoulder perfectly, but can’t get enough result.

This is not the right way to hunt the animal; shooting on the shoulder will need something to know. Normally, the muscle density of the shoulder is greater than normal vitals. As a result, the bullets must have enough accuracy, weight and speed to go through the body.


Depending on the type of the animal, you will need to choose the right type. Normally, both bonded and non-bonded bullets lost its weight as soon as it hits the muscle. However, the non-bonded bullets provide expandable due to copper. Sometimes, it fails to go through the vitals of the animal to make it down.

The bonded bullets provide a good impact for the shooting on the shoulder for big animals. They are more weight and give the best impact, sometimes go through the animal and exit the body in big game time.

However, you will get some bullets are designed perfectly for the maximum integrity impact. For that reason, you can also choose those special bullets for maximum weight retention and deep penetration power for shooting.


Now you have the basic idea about the two types of bullets and how they are important and being select for hunting games. When you are choosing the bullets, you must also choose the caliber and cartridge accordingly. The hunting success rate also depends on the type and correct cartridge level.

For that reason, this is really important to have the best cartridge and caliber for your caliber. Most of the professional hunters use bonded bullets, although they are more expensive. However, they provide good velocity rate along with weight gain and other facilities. For that reason, you will need to buy the rifle according to the type of the bullet. Sometimes, you are buying the right type of bullet but your rifle can’t handle the type of the bullet that you have purchased. For that reason, this is really important to have the right type of rifle, bullet, cartridge and caliber for hunting!


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