How To Simple and Approachable Hunting Deer

Wildlife conservation, hunting and trekking are challenging chores indeed. Are you feeling like you have a deeply planted seed root into your soul? Can you smell that crisp clean air? Well, the deer hunting season is rolling in!! Let’s explore some ideas and hunting tips to make it a successful spree.

With the hunting season hitting the town, get enthuse and dust off your hunting gear. Gather your hunting clothes, choose the best hunting boots, hone your hunting knives, stock up your deer scents, grease up your rifle and test your climbing equipment etc. Before hitting the hunt area, it would be better if you do some pre practice or rituals whether you are an experienced hunter or a beginner. Experienced hunters keep check on tracks, scout for deer sign, rub, scrapes and scant. It may seem challenging to find a good climbing tree stand but it’s highly significant to get that perfect spot from where you can see the whole game going on. And when the right time arrives, you can take accurate actions to hit the huge deer and make it the epic jaunt of your lifetime.

Now let us not waste any more time and check out the perfect deer hunting tips to bag that huge deer you were always craving for.

Okay, now let me tell you my personal experience. It is my true story, however. I am quite fond of nature and really like exploring adventurous activities. I used to go for fishing but never gathered this much confidence of stepping in to hunting. Once, one of my friends invited me to join him for a hunting spree and I immediately went over there as I always longed for deer hunting. From that day on, I got pretty much hooked into deer hunting. It was my friend who was experienced in hunting and in every hunt he used to bag a deer faultlessly.

First of all, you need to buy a deer hunting rifle if you don’t have one. Four pointers are usual but for me, I considered 8 pointers with heavy racks. My habit was to test each location I found, read magazines to find about deer and my friend used to say me what this freakiness means. Indubitably, he taught me many tricks and tactics to bag a deer and that too flawlessly. But somewhere or the else, I was a little crazier on deer hunting. In the magazines, I used to find big deer and always yearned for them to hunt but didn’t find any. Of course, that was a magazine and not reality.

What is the good hunting location?

Well, the most common question is what makes a good hunting location. Before moving on to the location, let me tell you that deer are active usually at morning and evening hours. And take rest at night and afternoon hours.

Next, getting a perfect hunt location is itself a challenge so you must keep some factors in mind to broaden the array of hitting the deer. Eating, mating and sleeping are the three things that a deer usually do so I guess you got what I am trying to say. Look for the areas near bushes, rye, clovers or grasses and see if you find anything related to the deer at morning or evening hours. If you find any evidence, you will get an idea about how often the deer comes there. Avoid going to muddy areas or the areas having dense and thick bushes as deer sleeps in such areas. And they can easily sniff your movement due to them being alert to predators at that time. Plus, visibility is not up to the mark so hunting is not a good option at night especially in swampy areas. All you can do is waiting near the exit or enter trails where deer usually go or wait near the outskirts as they come to drink water. You can then go for a nice hunting session. Last is the mating season when deer are not in their complete senses to detect any movement when ready to mate. Time is everything so avail the chance and hunt the deer to make your binge successful.

Get Free From Any Type of Smell

Deer have strong smelling sense and it can smell anything very easily which is the biggest hurdle in deer hunting. So whenever you get ready to hit the jungle, make sure you have not applied any kind of perfume, scented soap, cream, shampoo, deodorant or any other scents that can make the deer alert of your presence. For this purpose, you can head over to sporting good stores and buy soaps and lotions so as not to make the deer smell you. Wildlife killer has launched many products for this only purpose that has all the necessary hunting supplies so get ready for the deer hunt after buying such products. Don’t take deer hunting an easy errand as it involves smartness and tactics to be followed.

To your surprise, deer have a strong hearing and seeing ability gifted by God and they get frightened with just a slight movement of yours. As soon as they hear something, they crackle in the bushes or swampy areas to get rid of you. Don’t get excited if you see any deer coming towards you as a little movement will make it rush away from there. It would be like missing your hunt from so close so keep calm, quiet and still in this case.

Find the Right Hunting Gear

Camouflage: Right hunting gear is all what makes your hunting trip the successful one. Camouflage is the most important thing you need to carry along with you on the hunt as it creates the illusion of you being a bush by breaking the human silhouette. A natural look is offered with the use of camouflage. In open areas, camouflage works well but if it has more bushes and trees so that the deer doesn’t get to know whether it’s human or tree.

Hunting rifle: Deer hunting rifles hold a major role. A huge gamut of rifles is available out in the market which sometimes makes it difficult to spot the right type of rifle for the beginners. For your knowledge, let me tell you that there are 3 types of hunting rifles such as bolt action, semi automatic and pump action. The last two makes it easy for you to shoot quicker as they can be reloaded faster than the bolt action. Bolt action rifle is accurate than both others so whenever you plan for deer hunting, it would be best if you pick the right type of rifle with a smart and wise mind.
Other than rifles, bows are also a great alternative. To use bows, expertise is required as hitting the deer with a bow is not everyone’s cup of tea. You have to be closer to the deer to use the bow so it needs a whole lot of skill. Use compound bows or cross bows for deer hunting but if you are a beginner, practice hunting first to get skilled or you will lose the deer every time you throw a bow to bag the deer.

So I would say using only that hunting gear which is well known to you and no extra training is required to shoot the deer. Let’s make it a classic hunting spree.

Hunting Safety

Hunting may seem an easy task but it is not. While hunting, you have to be very sure of what you are doing is right and accurate otherwise you can get stuck in some messy situation. Seasoned hunters know the safety tips so you must also know how to be safe while on a hunt. Let me walk you through some of the hunting safety tips:

• Don’t act like freak while shooting. Just don’t shoot blindly anywhere you listen to any sound or movement thinking that it is a deer. Always make sure to hunt the target only and not shoot anyone else accidently by shooting blindly. Check the sound or movement carefully, the direction where it is coming from and is it the deer or some another animal.

• This tip is very simple yet people don’t follow it. You may have the loaded gun with you so any time you need to climb up the tree, hand it over to your partner and then take it back once when you are up the tree. What happens is while climbing, the trigger gets accidently pushed resulting in hunting accidents.

• Avoid going along for hunting. You can take your friend along with so that someone knows where you are in case any mishap occurs.

• Wear a harness in tree stand.

• Wear orange if you don’t want your trip to end in a hospital because someone else shot you thinking that you are a deer. It is a must-must thing to follow.

• Before moving the dead deer, make sure that it is actually dead.

• Before leaving on for a hunt, avoid taking any medicines as they can blight your judgment power.

• Last but not the least; test your hunting gear or equipment before going out for hunting session. You cannot afford to ruin your trip with inaccurate working equipment. Plus, you must know how to use things whichever you are taking along with on the hunt, especially the shooting equipment.

Apart from these, here are some more areas where you can hunt the deer successfully. Let’s explore.

Restricted Areas: Try and look in the restricted areas for a deer. Though they are usually found in swampy areas or bushes, it may happen that you can find them there. Look for every possible area and don’t leave any stone unturned. Areas between wood logs, large ponds and small swamp streams may give you your desired hunt. Or the area between two fields is a great option if you are a lover of bow hunting.

Hunt Saddles: Deer are very smart and usually hide under the saddles so that predators cannot detect them. Saddles are the area between high ground levels such as ridges. Take a look there to find your target and be wise to hunt the deer.

Small Streams: Streams are the only place where deer love to roam around. It’s because the vegetation in streams are thicker and so deer love to come here because of the nutrients present supplied by water. How you can detect that a deer is there to hunt is when the deer cross the stream, ice breaks which make it easy for you to aim your target and bag it. The sound is easily audible from around a mile away but still, don’t shoot immediately as it can hit someone else also.

What to do when you see a deer?

Well, it is the most panicking situation for everyone. Whenever you see the deer, don’t freak out. Be calm and take a deep breath. Then take out your shooting equipment i.e. a rifle or a bow and concentrate on the deer. Concentration makes it easy for you to hunt the deer as the adrenalin level gets in control and you don’t panic while attacking.

Never be the person who loses the hunt out of nervousness and could not gather much confidence to shot the deer. Be the guy who can tell people about how you bagged the deer and not that who tell about losing it or how it went away.

Having the rifle in hand, squeeze the trigger instead of jerking it. Otherwise the deer will run away if it hears any sound. Let the deer graze with its head down and then you are all set to hit it. Plus, remember to shoot the animal from behind. Once hit, make sure it is dead and then move it.

VOILA!! Here you get it. Cry out loud with laughter and celebrate your victory. I hope it was an enjoyable read for you all. Have fun and I will be back with another endeavor.

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