What Is The Best Early Mexican Army Rifles And Cartridges

Internal conflict was one of the major problems of the Republic of Mexico since it gained independence from Spain. The conflict was very much frustrating for the Mexican government. The political and social instability causes international problems too. Due to become bankrupt, Spain, France and British sent the troops for getting the payment back.

Then, the United States interrupt the Mexican problem and helped the nation very much. USA could not prevent the intervention for the neighborhood country. However, with the political power, they forced the Spanish and British to remove the troops from the nation.

Then, the fraternal conflict ends by the passing of time. This is the United States who helped the national and contributed to the army forces of the Mexico. The nationals come forward in order to send rifles and ammo to the Mexican government for empowering the army power.

By getting the supplies of the United States of America, Mexican army became very powerful. They found many early rifles and ammo in bulk quantity in 1850s. Moreover, the Mexican army was lucky to have the Winchester Model and Henry models most frequent.

Today we will discuss about the Mexican army rifles and cartridges that very important. Therefore, this is a great chance for you to know the early army rifles and cartridges very easily. It means to know the history of the Mexican army rifles and ammo too!

56-50 Spencer

This is one of the earliest Mexican army rifles that provide them the opportunity to beat the French army. This is a 350-grain lead bullet with 26mm long loaded rifle. The peon soldier was not impressive by the performance of the gun. However, the seven shot rifle was superior to the French .44 Henry rifle.

The opposition fought with the rifle that also used copper case 23mm long loaded but only 200-grain flat nosed lead bullet. Therefore, this helped the Mexican army to get good performance against the French army.

In 1867, Mexico became republic again through the Balle of Puebla. After winning the Mexico City again, the government took decision to improve the firearms of the army. As a result, they bought USA Model 1870 “Trapdoor” that is a special rifle of Springfield company. The carbine provides use 56-50 or .50-70 cartridge.




.50-70-450 USS

This is another straight-walled cartridge used by the armies with 70 grains of power and provide 450-grain lead bullet. The cartridge comes with a 1.8 inches long case with a 1,490 fps velocity power.

Mexican army purchased the cartridge when Spanish army was using M1870 Remington. At the time, the Whitney Type II Rolling Block and Peabody rifles are offering only .43 cartridge that was not enough powerful than the Mexican!



11mm Cartucho Para Remington

This is the last rimmed cartridge under Benito Juarez. Mexican army improved to a great level under his ruling time. The cartridge comes with 57mm case with 78 grains of black power with 375 grain lead bullet. In the right chamber, the cartridge ensures 1,380 fps powers.

Mexican army became stronger than before during the 1880s because they were supplied Winchester Model 1879 Hotchkiss. This was a bolt action rifle that provides .43 Spanish cartridges. Mexican government was successful to bring enough rifles for two regiments of the army. In addition, more 1000 Winchester Model 1873 carbines were purchased for the city police officers for extra safety concerns.

.44 Largo

This was one of the greatest cartridges at that time and available throughout the Latin America. The Mexican government were supplied the cartridge for the Hotchkiss rifles. This is a rimmed cartridge with 200 grain power and requires 40 grains of powder for 1,325 fps velocity.

The “Trapdoor” Springfield rifles were available in the Mexican army and gave good services throughout its region. This became a good shooting carrier for any war in 1911 revolution. The service of the carbines was so good that this enhanced the quality of the army too!



45-70-405 USS

This is another cartridge of the rifle that comes with 53mm long rimmed case that provides 405 grain bullet to 1,350 fps. 70 grains black powder is required for shooting the cartridge with the same velocity speed.
Mexican government could not fulfill the contended relationship with the United States government. Therefore, they had to search for another source of the weapons for Mexican army troops. Finally, they found a Belgium company that made decision for supplying high quality Pieper guns.

The bolt action file was a seven shot rifle along with external hammer and double trigger. Moreover, the extra length stock gave extra advantage to the troops.



8mm Pieper

This is a rimmed cartridge with 41mm long and contains 125-grain lead bullet. The bullet quality of the rifle was very strong and powerful. Both black and smokeless power loads provided good shooting accuracy to the army officers during the revolution days.

Francisco Madero formed a Party for reelection and won the election in 1910 against Diaz. However, he was imprisoned by Diaz but could not stop him. He ran away to the United States, started gathering supporters. He reformed a force for a heavy battle, and crushed with the Diaz army in 1911 to become the president.



These are simple and short early Mexican army rifles and cartridges introduction to the interested group. Knowing the past and the type of cartridge really makes us wonder and exciting. Normally, this helps to understand the technology gap between the pas era and modern era.

The power, grain of powder, velocity was very long at that time, comparing to the present. However, the Mexican army troops had a great support from the United States weapon supplies. Otherwise, this could be hard for the nation to get rid of the internal conflicts as well as overseas revolutions.

That was a great era for the Mexican government, and finally they have advanced rifles and cartridges at present. However, we will not discuss about the modern and recent rifles of the Mexican army. Next time we will return with new content of early days of any nation and its advancement in the weapon field!


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