Everything You Need To Know About Elk Hunting

Are you interested in elk hunting? Do you want to watch them out? Do you want to take their pictures? No matter what you want to do, Utah is the perfect place where you can find biggest elk in the world. Elk hunting in Utah has gained popularity from 2000 to 2006. No other state than Utah has recorded elk hunt till date. But it’s not at all essential to be a hunter if you want to see elk. The growing popularity of wildlife and photography has made it possible for everyone to enjoy this fantastic opportunity.

If you are not so fond of hunting, then you can only take photographs to enjoy elk. Utah is the place to photograph, hunt or just see elk. Do you know that elk is the second abundant game species in Utah after mule deer? It has been estimated that in Utah, elk post hunt was over 58,000.

History of Elk hunting

Elk hunting were the biggest game species that is found in Utah. It is an essential source of living, clothing and food for the Indians, settlers and trappers etc. Just like other animal species like bison, mule deer etc. Elk were the biggest victims of hunters in Utah as reported. If sources are to be believed, Elk disappeared by the end of 19th century. It was because hunters hunt them near-extinction. Well, what a sad time it was when there was no bison, no deer and no elk at all to hunt. It seemed as if the hunters have lost their lives due to the extinction and people who enjoy photographing them were also in tension that time.

In 1898, elk hunting in Utah was stopped due to the extinction and then a step was taken in 1912 to try to give birth to the elk species so that they can make a comeback. Elk were transplanted from Yellowstone national park to make elk make a comeback. Here are some areas where you can find elk in Utah:

  • Mount Timpanogos
  • Manti
  • The Fish Lake Area
  • Mount Nebo
  • Logan Canyon
  • The Oquirrh Mountains

In all these years, many elk have been transplanted here and there from one state to another. Here are the types of elk hunts:

Until 1967, elk hunt was under the restriction and as the number grew, it got open to a great extent. Elk hunt was expanded to three units such as:

  • Any bull
  • Limited entry
  • Spike only

How to Do Elk Hunting

Well, it really depends upon the growth and health of elk herds. Only after knowing these factors, future of elk hunting can be predicted. Proper habitat is necessary to have healthier elk and sustain their growth. And if the environment of habitat degrades, elk will be less. It is such a simple formula to have more elk for more hunting. Here are some rules on how to do elk hunting:

Decide whether you want to kill elk or just find it

Obviously, both are different activities. If you don’t know where they reside, you have to find them first and so move at a faster pace. And if you know about their areas, slow down and act smart. Elk are noisy, odiferous and large animals and hunting them is not everyone’s cup of tea. They leave signs like droppings, rubs, tracks and wallows etc. so go ahead and find them by locating the signs before hunting.

Follow the Wind

Wind is the major concern when it comes to elk hunting. Sometimes wind is not cooperating at all. Elk have ears and eyes and their sensing is too good. They can smell your noise so never wear perfumes and special type of clothes that cause noise. If you do, they will get to know your presence and run away.

Stop calling

Elk hunters are of a view that human calling disturbs them. So you must avoid them. Bugling is a common term that is overused in hunting techniques.

Hunt them like deer

When hunting season starts and you are all set to hunt elk, I would suggest hunting them like deer. On my hunt, I usually have the habit to sit and do less hiking. I get alert when animals come to me and sometimes they run because they sense and in some cases, I get a chance to hunt them. To make your hunting successful, you can place fence crossings, wallows or funnels to trap them as they cannot detect those. If they get trapped, your hunt will be successful. So get up and hunt elk to have an amazing experience.

Don’t Panic

It can be major hurdle in the elk hunting. You have to be very calm and relaxed while hunting or else you will lose your victim. Whenever you feel that elk is coming towards you or it’s being trapped now, breathe deeply and sit calm. Let it come, don’t make any noise and it will be much more easy to hunt it. You can check the locations they use every day and drop their signs. Once you get that, hunting will be easy as you will know the areas where they can come to get hunt. Believe me, it’s an exciting experience to hunt the elk!! I love hunting mule deer also. In my last hunt, I have bagged a big bison.

Follow the hunting rules

Being a hunter, you must be aware of the rules and guidelines that are to be followed during the hunt season. Usually hunters lack in knowledge and that is why they lose on elk due to silly mistakes. They get nervous, bugle shy and nocturnal while hunting, so if you actually want to hunt elk, act wise and smart. Following the proper rules will give you better elk hunting experience.

Have a happy hunting!!

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