How To Easily Bag A Mule Deer

To be successful, most hunters explore new places to hunt. It’s not about winning only but it’s about how much potential you have. Being successful on every hunting spree is not important but it must be a good one to be remembered.

If you have not achieved anything during your past hunting sessions since years and it’s only about hunting but not getting, then it’s the time you should change your hunting methods. I know that changing from one thing to another seems quite hard but if you are not at a loss by changing or it is not too hard then you must go for it.

What happens is we feel contented in our old habits and want to stay in our comfort zones. But trust me guys, not much efforts are needed to bag a mule deer. No matter how much we are determined to achieve something or reach a level, if we find the journey too hard, we usually think of giving up. But that is not good!! Never feel that you cannot achieve it. Rather think of I can do it and I will do it. This positive attitude towards life has the power to take you to greater heights.

In Nevada, hunting mule deer is an annual event. And I was quite fond of this sport so in this article, I am going to tell you all about mule deer and how to hunt them. Stick on to the article to gain knowledge about mule deer hunting.

Mule deer are found in western half of the US, Missouri, southwest Saskatchewan and Minnesota. Other than these, they have adaptable nature so most kinds of terrains have mule deer. All they need is elevated areas to rest to keep a check on the predators.

Mule deer are so called due to their big ears and the color usually ranges from ash grey to dark grey. A white patch is found on their throat and the tail is white. The rear of the tail ends in a black tuft of hair indeed. Well, coming to their eyes, mule deer have very strong eyes that can easily detect any moving object. But they get dull if you stand still and motionless. God has gifted them extremely good hearing so beware and smart while hunting them as a little mistake can make them run off.

 A Little about Mule Deer

Mule deer come back to their beds after having food and water and usually bed on ridge slopes. They are found in rocky outcroppings, brushy areas and timber patches. It can be guessed from their bedding that they like to sleep in areas having back up and high so as to take a look on the predators. Predators can be lions, black bears, coyotes, grizzly bear, wolves and human creatures. Plus, their bedding is on the north side or in shady areas which makes it more difficult to spot them. Now let’s check out the hunting tips:

  • Try to look around for the location where you can find a mule deer. Let your eyes do the walking.
  • Look for magpies as they are often found on the back of deer to extract ticks and lice. They both have an interesting relationship so focus on the areas to locate magpies. This way I found a lot of mule deer which otherwise I might have missed looking at some other locations.
  • As said above, they have large ears. So keep quiet while moving as a little sound can miss your chance of bagging the deer. Any sound other than air acts like a siren to the mule deer so be QUIET!! If you are two people, then also keep quiet or just whisper to talk. Avoid wearing anything that causes sound like bracelets or any cloth that produce sound. Next, mule deer can even locate your feet sound so if you are going to hunt it with a bow, go barefoot or wear socks to quietly hit the ground.
  • Mule deer are often found in broken terrain so head over to that place first to find it. Once you find it, keep a check on the place where you find it so that when you come to hunt, you can easily locate the place. What you can do is pick unique landmark or take a picture of that place as when you leave from there, things may seem a little different next time you stalk in.
  • Mule deer are less responsive than other species so an illusion can be created by saying out loud “BAAAA”. It will confuse the deer and it will stop for a shot.
  • Before you press trigger or release the arrow, make sure that the deer is still and not moving. It is the tendency of the mule deer to flick the tail before moving so if it is doing so, WAIT!! A little bit of hurry can make you miss the shot and wound the deer. And that is what we don’t want but what we want is deer hunting.
  • Don’t panic if you see that the deer is staring at you. It doesn’t matter!! Lie down and be still. Let the deer do its best in finding you. It will not leave any stone unturned to locate you but you don’t have to move. When I went for hunt, I lay on the ground for around an hour until the deer walked off from there. Then I got up and waited for it to come again. That day I got my first deer bagged in my whole lifetime.
  • Deer nose cannot be tricked so never put on any scent or perfume while going on a hunt.

Keep everything in your favor or else stay at home. Never quit hunting if it’s your passion. Ups and downs are natural and the possibilities are endless so keep going… Success will definitely knock down on your door.

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