How To Build The Ultimate Shooting Range Bench

Do you have a rifle for shooting and hunting? Then, you must need to practice regularly especially the day before you are going for shooting or hunting. But, where will you go for practice? There are some professional’s point where you can go and practice, but, it needs money. Moreover, the place is not frequently available, sometimes, far away from your home too!

Therefore, you should think to build the ultimate shooting range bench for practicing shooting. If you have long garden or any family farm area, then, you can easily make. Building up the shooting range bench is not hard for any person. Many of the hunters and shooters perfect to purchase the shooting bench instead of building. However, making a solid structure of the bench will help you to use it at any time!

When you will consider making a wooden steady bench, you will get proper stability for shooting. However, you will need a good quality, durable and heavy duty wood bench for this task.

Prepare the Foundation

First of all, you will need to select a suitable place for making the shooting range bench. When you have selected the place, you will need level the ground by digging for certain depth. Moreover, you will need to prepare the place properly and use evenly corner properly. You can use stakes hammered properly before apply wet concrete.




Foundation Rebar

Using rebar or wire will make the concrete stronger than normal concrete. You will need to cut and make small boxes like the picture in order to make it properly!

Mix Concrete Properly and Apply To the Foundation

In this case, you will need to use the elements of making the concrete properly. Then, you will need to apply the pour wet concrete to the foundation. Don’t apply the concrete fully to the foundation; instead, you should apply it with few batches to make it in a nice way.


Level & Smooth the Foundation

When you have mixed and applied the concrete in the foundation, you will need to level it properly. Make sure you have applied enough concrete to the foundation that is required. Then, you will need to use a float tool in order to smooth the concrete properly.

Add Pillar Rebar

Rebar is important to insert in the wet concrete to make the legs of the table. In this case, you will need to make sure that the rebar are added with 90-degree. Moreover, you will need to insert the rebar according to the measurement of your shooting range bench.

Add Pillar Rebar Forms

When you have inserted the rebar, you will need to add a form like in the picture. This is really important because, when the wet concrete becomes harder and harder, the rebar will lose its 90-degree position. The forms will help to be steady in the place.


Cure the Foundation and Prepare the Pillars

You will need to wait till the wet concrete becomes trying. Then, now you will need to prepare the legs of the table. In order to make the pillars for the legs, you will need to use cardboard tubes. Then, determine the height of the pillars that you want for your shooting range bench. You will need to cut the cardboard tubes in perfect size to get suitable result.

Set the Pillars & Pour Them

You will need to apply small amount of wet concrete into the cardboards in order to make the proper position. When the position is right, and you have made the short pour structure, you can apply more wet concrete in order to fill the cardboards. This will take at least 2/3 days in order to dry properly.


Build Table Top Form

Preparing table top form for making the shooting range bench, you will need to be skilled and experienced. If you do not have any experience for carpenters work, you can hire a person in order to do this for you. Make sure, the measurement of the table top form is similar to the foundation measurement that you have done before.

You can take plywood for this and make a good, long and width measurement to make the thing. This is really important to have large space because you will need to keep the ammunition in the table too! Sometimes, you will need to use spotting scope and other shooting devices in the table. Therefore, make the structure length and width accordingly!


Prepare the Tabletop & Pour It

You will need to trim the angles of the table top form probably, especially the corners properly. You can use a trim machine in order to trim and sharp the edge parts of the table skin.

Now, you will need to pour the tabletop properly like the way you did for the pillar and foundation. When you have done pouring, you will need to remove the form.

That’s it; the ultimate shooting range bench is ready for your practice. Doesn’t worry about the structure will always provide you the fine space and heavy duty weight of your body? You will always need to focus on selecting the right place for making the shooting range bench for practicing. Moreover, the length and width of the table top form is also important because it requires lot of things to be considered.


These are the simple steps in order to make the shooting range bench. Therefore, you will not need to require many things to purchase. Don’t worry about the process; you can also hire a professional person for making the shooting range bench according to the stages mentioned in our article. We have suggested you the way to build the shooting range bench only, not the measurement. The measurement will depend on your available place and budget for making this. As you are making it for your own good, you should make it properly with a healthy budget. Otherwise, wrong proportion of concrete could damage full structure and your budget as well!



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