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Do You Know How To Lap Scope Rings In A Short Time?

Scope is one of the main parts of your rifle for accurate and long distance shooting. This is expensive rifle equipment that needs extra careful action. Sometimes, the scope bends and flex permanently due to some problems. The scope rings are the mainly responsible for this type of stressed situation.

This happens because of not having perfectly aligned design in the rifle scopes. You can’t understand the problem with your naked eyes. When you will mountain and rail the scope, this problem occurs too. Manufacturers are designing the scopes properly with perfect precision structure. However, still, minor problem remains in the scope rings that can damage your rifle scope.

For that reason, lapping scope rings can give you a quick solution to your scope. Only lapping the rings can save your scopes from bending and other major problems. Moreover, your rings can support and handle the scope more efficiently and tightly in adverse situation when you will lap it properly.



Do you know how to lap scope rings in a short time? If you do not know, we are here to describe you the full process. However, you can also lap your scope rings very easily by any expert or professional. In this case, you will need to spend a good amount of money. Don’t worry because we will do it using a lap rings kit quickly to save your expensive scope.

When you will see the scope rings, they are often very rough surfaces. As a result, your scope will easy get scratched and damaged. When you will lap the rings, you can easily get more holding power and support the scopes.

This is a simple process, all we need to use a ‘Scope Rings Align Lapping Kit’ from ‘Real Engineering’.


First of all, you will need to use a padded bench fly in order to hold the barrel of the rifle. This is really important to have a stable position of the rifle to work properly.


Now you will need to place the scope rings in its place. Then, you will put the alignment bar position over the rings. The bars should not touch each other, but, it’s like touching nearly to the point. Then, you will need to screw driving the alignment bar using the top rings to secure it.


In this case, check the simple alignment check of the rings. The alignment may seem to be right when you are touching with your finger. However, you can’t have 100% final decision with your fingers. The naked eyes can’t give you perfect solution. Therefore, perfect lapping can ensure full adjustment of the rings.



Don’t mix up the rings after your lapping is completed. Therefore, you can mark the rings using a white tap, writing front and back ring or anything that you can easily distinguish them for its perfect position.



Now you can remove the alignment bars, and use the lapping compound cream to the both sides of the rings. The compound powder will help the rings to move quickly and smoothly.



Now it is time to add the lapping bar in the rifle in order to complete the process. In this case, you will need to put the top of the rings over the lapping bar and tight it.

Most of the shooters do wrong thing in this process that causes damage to the rings. You should not secure it so tight that you can’t move the lapping bar. In fact, you will need to secure the top rings enough that can make contact with the lapping bar.


Then, you will need to move the lapping bar forward and backward slowly to make the right shape. When you are moving it, it will become smoother and smoother.


Then, tight the screws of the top of the rings a bit more and start sliding the lapping bar more. This is important to continue the lapping as much as you can.

This is not possible to make 100% contacts with the lapping bar and the scope rings. 80% contact is enough to give you perfect alignment to the scope and keep it secure.


Now you will need to check the rings, that they are properly contacted. Use your fingers in order to go through the rings surface. You will feel smoother than you feel before.



Use water spray or direct water applies to the scope rings in order to clean it properly. Then, you will need to use paper towel in order to dry it. Or, you can also wait for some moment for drying the lapping tools.



Now your scope rings are ready for normal rifle scope. You can take the scope and use the rights to get hundred percent alignments with better holding power!

Concerning point for lapping rings for alignment

Firstly, this is really important to clean the parts of the alignment tools after you complete your lapping process. Otherwise, this may not provide you accurate service next time.

Secondly, you should keep those kits in a fix place, sometimes; extra water can damage the lapping bar. Before washing the bar with water, use a paper towel to clean the bar.

Thirdly, you will always need to check the rings contact before you finish the process. Make sure you have received good contact and smooth ring surface. Otherwise, the lapping process would not bring good for your scope at all!


Scope rings lapping is a complete process to keep the rifle scope secure. Most of the manufacturers promise to provide good alignment design. However, you will need to make sure the contact is not scratching your new scope.

Therefore, lapping can prevent damaging your scope and give you perfection for long time shooting. The entire process may need nearly 10-15 minutes for the starting. Therefore, you can easily make sure that you are going well and finish the process. When you finish it, you will have completely scratch free shooting to your scope.

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