How To Use A Spotting Scope For Shooting

Before knowing how to use a spotting scope for shooting, you must know what is spotting scope in the beginning. For that reason, I am here to introduce you with spotting scope that is one of the most important elements for the professional hunters and shooters.

This is a small device that is a special type of telescope used for hunting, to magnify and watch an image or object more clearly. The spotting scopes are generally used for shooting or any naturalist’s activities. The larger spotting scope you will prefer, the more money you have to pay for the object.

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Now come back to the usages of the spotting scope properly for shooting and hunting purposes. I have used many spotting scopes in my hunting career and get good advantages. Many of the hunters prefer to use telescope and binoculars but they are not as well as a spotting scope.

Here I am suggesting you some of the important things that you need to keep in mind while using a spotting scope for shooting so that you can feel comfortable and enhance your shooting career.


​Comfortable Position is Important

For using a spotting scope perfectly for shooting, I always position myself in a suitable and comfortable place. Using a spotting scope means to held a position and place for a long time. Therefore, finding a comfortable space to sit or lay down is very much important for any hunter.

When I started to use the spotting scope, I did not focus on the place and comfort level. I focused on the aiming and watching the targeted area. However, this led me to serious body pain problem but now I am alright.

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For that reason, finding the comfortable place to watch the target is very much important. Don’t forget about the area specification because your selected place should be to the point of the targeted area. Otherwise, using a spotting scope will never give you advantage of getting unobstructed view.

​Attach the spotting scope with tripod

Having a clear and accurate view of the target area is the most important thing of hunting. For that reason, keeping the spotting scope stable is important because a little movement will give you wide changes of missing the hit in the high resolution magnify glass.

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At the starting of my hunting career with spotting scope, I did not know about the stability advantages. Therefore, I missed to hit the targeted animal many times at the beginning. But, now I know how much important to keep the spotting scope stable to get accuracy.

As you will be watching the object or animal with a high magnification glass, every single movement will be counted a long distance. For that reason, keep it to the tripod so that the scope can have a stable position.

​Adjust spotting scopes’ magnification level just like you require

Each of the spotting scope is different from another model. For that reason, you must know how to adjust the layout of the lens and magnification.

For example, I used BARSKA CO11502 at the very first hunting time. In the model, I needed to use the lens knob in order to zoom in and zoom out of the magnification.

Later, I bought Bushnell Trophy XLT in which I had to use the small zoom in and zoom out round trigger on the eye pieces point. First time, I tried on the lens round figure like my previous option. But, there was no option of zooming and magnifying the zoom.

Therefore, reading the instruction of using the magnification level is very important. When you will go with the instruction book of magnifying and resolution settings of the scope, you will find easy to use the object.

View the target area & Adjust Magnification

Please do not go with magnification at first because this will present you a problem only. When using the scopes, I have found same type of problem. I used to fix the magnification and focus first then, could not able to find the target.

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Later on, I came to know that I have to view the target area first and adjust the magnification accordingly. When I go with fast magnification process, I never got the accurate view of the target.

I always need to go through the focus system according to the magnification but slow in process. As this is showing a small object into a large version, a centimeter of area movement could mean 10 inches too!

Always reset focus for a newer area

I have to have reset the focus and magnification option because a sudden highly magnified glass could easily harm my eyes. Sometimes I felt uneasy watching off the shooting scopes after watching through it for a long time.

This is because of watching on a high magnification glass for a long time. If you are also having same type of problem, you can try with reset option in order to reduce the effect of the magnify glass on your eyes.

Till now I was talking about how to use a spotting scope, but do you know when to use a spotting scope for shooting? Moreover, using the right spotting scope is also a matter of fact.

When to use the spotting scope for shooting?

While I was using a spotting scope at the very beginning of my shooting to the target, I do not use any stand for it. Therefore, I faced many troubles because watching on both long range scopes and spotting scope. Moreover, holding the thing on hand for a long time is also a painful task.

For that reason, I have bought a stand for the spotting scope that has height adjustability option. Therefore, this is very easy for me to use the height adjustable option, angle the device close to eye and rifle.

There are two types of spotting scope for shooters and you also need to require understanding when to use and how to use. For example, I have both of the spotting scopes that help me for better shooting experience.

I used ‘Angled Spotting Scope’ for the following times:

  • When I need to share the targeted with a number of shooters
  • When I used a shorter tripod because this has higher eye point
  • When I need to search for the hiding or tree top animals to shoot
how to use a spotting scopes 5

I have also a ‘Straight Spotting Scope’ that helps me a lot for long range shooting and watching the target. The spotting scope is suitable for the following facts:

1. The spotting scope gives proper aiming control and fix for the new users

2. The ground animals can easily be found and watched with the scope

3. This spotting scope helps me to reduce the risks of pain on neck for strain level

For that reason, understand the conditions of watching and using the device for shooting. You should go with the right type of the scope device for watching and shooting because only right type and usage can ensure to provide the maximum accuracy.

My Experience Binoculars Vs Spotting Scope

This looks like a battle while choosing between spotting scope and binoculars for shooting and hunting. Binoculars are suitable but not recommended in the modern era of shooting especially for the hunters.

Once upon a time, I also used a binocular for shooting, watching the wild life’s from a suitable distance. Later, I found that the device does not allow me to observe sensitive species at all. Moreover, wild lives stressed and disruptive while using binoculars.

For that reason, I have to have moved to using spotting scope for shooting. Wild lives feel good and natural while using a spotting scope. Normally, the magnification and resolution of the scopes are higher than binoculars, therefore, it’s easy to watch and observe the wild lives from a long distance.

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Easy to find and focus on a single animal in a group

Isn’t it seemed impossible to find a single animal in a large group doing something strange? Moreover, finding and focusing on the animal in a larger herb is quite impossible using a binocular.

I tried it too many times to watch every single deer in a large herb to suitable one to hunt. However, I never found the thing easy and comfortable because the resolution level was not as high as the spotting scopes had. Moreover, the binoculars will always present higher magnification and focusing level that enables me to focus and follow an animal spontaneously.

Find a hiding Animal Comfortably

Using binocular kept me running after any particular animal every time. Due to having short range and low magnification, I often run after in order to get the right resolution and view to shoot.

Later, I found a good spotting scope that enables me to watch and birds or any wild life from a fix place. The optical zooming option with ultra focus system has enabled me to get perfect view along with range information quick easily.

Get easy access to find differences among same species

When an animal is in a large herb, this could be quite impossible to distinguish the species. Only color of the wild animals will give you a way to find out the differences using a binocular. But, I never find out the differences during on a dark or watery day. Binocular give a clear view of the colors but the low light condition is not suitable for the binocular.

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Description: http://birdscalgary.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/img_2097.jpg

Now you know how to use and when to use and why to use different types of spotting scopes for shooting. Do you really know to find the best spotting scope to purchase so that you can get full advantages? Therefore, I am highlighting some of the most important factors from my experience so that you do not buy any wrong spotting scope for shooting.

  • Selecting the type of the spotting scope is the most important before purchasing it for shooting. For that reason, have a look what I have mentioned of a particular scope type. If you can go with the above conditions, you may choose the most suitable one.
  • Don’t forget to search for the top spotting scopes and compare the price with features. When I bought my second device for shooting, I took 5 best products with almost same features. Then, I compared the price on different online buying platforms. That comparison helped me to save almost $65 for buying the high resolution magnifying scope.
  • The size of the spotting scope is also a big factor because you will have to carry the device with your long range rifles and other tools. If you hear my experience, I will prefer you buy the medium sized scopes because they have good features. Don’t go with the smaller scopes because they may not provide extra ordinary resolution to focus on any object.

Other normal magnification, focus zoom and ultra zoom option will be considered. But, I have just highlighted the terms that you may forget to compare and think while using the scopes to watch.

Now you can select a good spotting scope for your shooting and hunting session very easily. For that reason, choose the right one and use the scope accordingly I said in the article. This will always help you to know and watch the right view of the wild lives.

Remember that using spotted scopes for shooting has become an important part for the shooters and hunters. Along with the long range rifle, the device also plays the part to give a good experience. For that reason, never forget to collect or buy a scope and take this with you in a shooting field.

While using the device, the comfort level is the most important thing that I have mentioned. If you are not comfortable using the device, you may not use this or find the accurate position to use. Otherwise, anybody strain or movement problem due to pain may knock your body soon!

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