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Nikon P-223 3×32 Matte BDC Carbine – A Cheapest Aiming Aid With Exclusive Features

Nikon has again dumbfounded everyone by introducing a wonderful aiming aid in the P-series. New P-223 3x32 CV rifle cope has been manufactured with clearer image at longer distance and quick adjustment features. New product is equally effective for close as well as longer distance targeting even out to 600 yards.

The new P-223 matte BDC carbine rifle scope has been designed for AR platform rifles with enhanced brightness and incredibly impact optical design.

This Nikon AR riflescope is compatible with Ballistic Match technology. Moreover, this Nikon product is also equipped with best tactical style adjustment turret that is helpful for quick zero reset and adjustment.

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Unique Features of Nikon P-223 3x32 Matte BDC Carbine Rifle Scope

Along with best features of previous versions of P-series rifle scope, Nikon has included some new features in the functioning and designing of Matte Carbine scope.

Furthermore, the previous features have been installed with developed technology to make the scope more effective for aiming the target at longer distance. The following are some key features of Nikon P-223 Matte rifle scope for the users who know what to consider for buying a product for the absolutely hitting right on the target.

1. BDC carbine reticle of this Nikon product has been developed for effectiveness of trajectory of the .223 Remington NATO round polymer bullet.

To make the range adjustment simple, now Matte carbine is available with only 3 hash marks at 200 yards, 400 yards and 600 yards respectively. This modification has been proved more effective than the retiles with 100 yards settings.

2. Parallax hand-turn 100 yards turret 1/4 MOA setting helps the firer to shoot more precisely at longer distance. Parallax adjustment turret provides you with quick aim setting by reticle adjustment with positive clicks.

Moreover, the parallax setting has been made simpler to maintain zero-in more quickly even after repeated recoils.

3. P-223 Matte Carbine rifle scope is now made with more secure regarding entrance of water, fog and dust by filling with Nitrogen O-ring sealed in inner side of the scope tube.

This feature has not only made the rifle scope strong but also increases the capability of waterproofing, dustproofing and fogproofing. By filling 100% nitrogen, the company has made this device shockproof to save from rifle thrust due to heavy recoiling of cartridges.

4. 3.4 inches eye relief of the Matte carbine rifle scope has been especially designed to save your brow from heaviest cartridge recoiling in tactical and hunting missions. This feature helps you for long time aiming and firing without any interruption.

5. The new Nikon Matte Carbine scope has been manufactured with possibly lightweight to minimize the arms/shoulders load during firing. Being light in weight, this product helps the firer to focus on the target rather than holding the heavy scopes along with heavy guns.

6. To make the zero reset feature simple and comfortable, Nikon has enhanced this feature for Matte Carbine and all other rifle scopes of P-series.

Now, firer can concentrate on his target while resetting for zero-in. He just need to pull the adjustment knob up rotate and release on zero to reengage for further dialing in on subsequent ranges.


​How to mount Nikon P-223 Matte Carbine rifle scope correctly?

P-223 Matte Carbine is the best short range and medium range rifle scope that has been particularly designed for AR rifle platforms.

So, the device has been especially designed with quick mounting and setting tactics. The subsequent bullet points will let you know that how to mount the P-223 carbine rifle scope quickly.

  • For mounting point of view, Nikon has designed all P-series scopes to fix with two rings on the rifle. So, you need two mounting pieces to mount P-223 Matte carbine scope. It is best, if you have already available the rings with the previous version of P-series scope.
  • To fix the Matte carbine scope first of all rail-in the mounting rings in the rifle slot and tight with the help of a proper gage screw driver. Leave the space between both the rings according to the length of rifle scope. The best location for fixing the rings on the scope is extreme position of narrow tube.
  • After fixing the mounting rings on appropriate positions, place the scope on the rings and fix one by one by placing and tightening the upper lobs of the rings.

Mounting precautions for Nikon P-223 3x32 Matte BDC Carbine

The mounting procedure laid down in the previous paragraphs shows that the job is simple and time saving; however, a little bit negligence can lead to damage or malfunctioning of the scope.

The following few points will help you to know about possibilities of damage and precautionary measure to mount the scope safely.

  • Always fix the mounting rings on the rifle slot as a first step and fix properly on the appropriate positions and place the scope on these rings as a second step.

    Never fix the scope with the rings before mounting the ring pieces on the rifle slot. Unnecessary twisting movements of the rifle scope during tightening the screws of rings can damage the thin layer aluminum body of the scope.
  • For tightening the screws, never use loose screw driver as it may damage the screws surface. Damage to screw surface will create problem for subsequent mountings/demounting. So, always use a proper gage screw best fit to the cuttings of the screw head of the mounting rings.
  • Always tighten the upper lobs of mounting rings as per requirement; just to fix the scope on the rifle. Using unnecessary force on the screws to tighten the scope beyond the requirement can affect the thin layers tube of the scope that can further affect the efficiency of the scope.
  • Lenses are the most important and sensitive part of the scope liable to be effected by hitting even with a tiny but hard material. So, during mounting procedure, keep the lenses covering to keep the scope lens safe.

​How to use Nikon P-223 3x32 Matte BDC Carbine perfectly?

Operation method for all Nikon P-series rifle scopes is same with little bit alterations. Reading about how to use P-223 Matte BDC Carbine scope, you will be able to operate all scopes of this series. Some important points to use the product perfectly is given below that will help you to improve your aiming and targeting.

  • The first step to use Matte Carbine rifle scope is to adjust your rifle scope for zero-in with the help of .223 Caliber Cartridge Laser BoreSighter which is easily available on amazon. While purchasing Nikon rifle scope do not forget to purchase this accessory as it will help you to set your aim without wasting the ammunitions.
  • This product has 3 hash marks at 200 yards, 400 yards and 600 yards for adjustment of reticle. Just set your desired distance from where you can clearly see your target. Using this Nikon scope, you con easily adjust your target range as it has only 3 settings of 200 yards rather than 6 of 100 yards hash marks.
  • Once you have set your scope for zero in and checked with the help of laser boresigher, you have made the accurate adjustment. Now your scope is ready for use to aim and fire on your target. Just fill with the ammunition and enjoy accurate firing and trouble free firing.

​How to maintain Nikon P-223 3x32 Matte BDC Carbine?

General cleanliness and maintenance of any scope is mandatory to keep the device serviceable for effective usage.

Timely cleaning of external parts of the rifle scope saves it from internal damage caused by dust particles and humidity which further lead to rusting of the product. Below are some important but simple measures to maintain Nikon P-223 BDC Matte rifle scope for proper functioning and long lasting.

  • Once you have completed the firing mission, just remove the scope from your rifle and place in its casing or any other proper place specified for the scope. Although, the product has been manufactured with best quality aluminum material however, throwing in the armory along with the rifle is not recommended.
  • The product is guaranteed for waterproofing fogproofing and dust proofing and there is no chance for entry of water or dust in inner parts of the rifle. But, still the scope need proper care for cleaning the water and dust after completion of combat or hunting mission involving soggy and gusty environment.
  • As being an important and sensitive part of rifle scope, lenses need extra care for cleaning and keeping. Whenever cleaning of lens is required, clean with sock gauze dipped in alcohol or use lens cleaning paper especially manufactured for lens cleaning and is easily available in the market.
  • External parts of the device are polished with shining material for the gracefulness of the scope. To maintain the external grace of the device, always clean with soft piece of cloth gently. Never apply force to rub the spots on the body of the scope as it will cause roughness of the exterior.
  • It is a misconception that adjustment turrets get hard if not lubricated regularly. The adjustment turrets of the scope have been permanently lubricated and need no further lubrication; so, never apply lubricants on the adjustment turrets.

Nikon P-223 3x32 Matte BDC Carbine vs other rifle scopes – A comparative analysis

Nikon P-223 3x32 Matte BDC Carbine

Other rifle scopes

Cheapest product in the category of 600 yards target rifle scopes. Costing only under $160

There is no 600 yards target range rifle scope available in such a low price.

From 4 up to 12 times magnification with clear crystal image is the plus point of this Fast and effective target range setting with 200 yards reticle adjustment setting. Choice of experienced firer who need little aid to aim at the target.product.

Most of the rifle scopes equipped with 100 yards reticle adjustment setting. Such rifle scopes are best for beginner users but experienced user get bored with small adjustments.

Very simple zero reset turret for field adjustment that help you to dial-in your desired range.

Fewer scopes are available with quick and simple field adjustment feature.

Frequently Asked Question

I have brought in knowledge by one of my friends that Nikon offers lifetime warrantee for P-223 BDC rifle scope. But, I am confused that for what issue I can claim warrantee?

I want to purchase Nikon P-223 Matte Carbine scope through Amazon. How can I calculate the shipping charges?

I have purchased a Nikon P-223 3x32 Matte BDC Carbine rifle scope but I could not find laser boresighter for zero reset.

I am residing outside USA. How I can purchase this product through amazon?

What is the actual weight and packing weight of Nikon Matte Carbine rifle scope?

Can I return or replace a product purchased through amazon?

When I can get refund against returned product?


Although the product has been manufactured with less magnification (only 3x); however, the device is more effective for experienced users. The scope is compatible with AR rifle platform that is recommended for mid range targets and effective range of bullet is less than the scope range.

Issue of less magnification can be ruled out by considering the effective range of AR rifle bullet. So, the reliable adjustment features and exceptionally low price prove that Nikon P-223 3x32 Matte BDC Carbine is an ideal rifle scope.

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