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Nikon P-223 BDC 600 Rifle Scope With Rapid Action Turret – A Revolution In Magnification Field

Nikon has brought a revolutionary change in the filed of magnification by introducing latest version of P-223 BDC 600 riflescope. The new P-223 AR riflescope is simple and handy to aim at longer ranges. The new product is more reliable with best options for fixing on multiple rifles and guns.

Nikon has specially been designed P-223 BDC for 0.223 Rem./5.56 trajectory, NATO round 55grain tip bullets drop. Finding and aiming the target was not easier before the invention of this wonderful Nikon product.


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  • Feature of Nikon P-223 BDC 600 Rifle Scope

Feature of Nikon P-223 BDC 600 Rifle Scope

P-223 is one of the most reliable products of Nikon with unique features which distinguish it from the same products of other companies. Below are some important features of this latest and wonderful product.

1. P-223 rifle scope consists of BDC 600 reticle with open aiming points which is helpful for instant and correct aiming of the target at longer distances. The product has hash marks from 100 to 600 years that helps quick adjustment for rapid action turrets. This feature has made it easier to find and stabilize on the target.

2. MOA aim adjustment (rapid action turret) is simple and handy for users. MOA adjustment is very simple and smooth as you can confirm the adjustment by hearing click stop of moves without disturbance of your focus on the target.

3. This Nikon device has been manufactured with fully multicoated optics for more brightness and light transmission. The best quality lenses of the scope show the target more clear and visible.

The lenses of Nikon P-223 are manufactured with multiple layers of antireflective material that work perfectly in dim as well as high reflection of lights. So, the user can concentrate on his target equally in sharp sunlight of mid day and dim light of dawn/dusk. For both the conditions, the scope gives very clear crystal view of the target.

4. Usually, most lenses of the rifle scopes get dimmed due to entrance of dust smoke and fog. Maintaining the quality and standard, Nikon has manufactured this product with guaranteed waterproof and fogproof. Now you can use this product during fog, rain or smokes as it will work perfectly in all weathers.

5. Multilevel magnification is the most important and useful feature of this product. Now you can magnify you aim from 4 up to 12 times to see your target more clearly.

6. Due to tactical reasons, rifles and guns are usually made with black colors and scopes need to be installed with matching of colors. Nikon P-223 is a matte finished build with multicoated lenses so that it looks fashionable with all rifles.

7. Users always complain for heavy loads to carry during combat and hunting missions because they have to carry ammunitions along with them. Rifle scopes cause unavoidable load for users.

Keeping in view this fact, Nikon has designed this device with possible minimum weight of approximately 1.1 pound. So, users are very comfortable to carry this scope along with rifle and ammo.

8. Nikon P-223 has been installed with quick focus eyepiece that helps the reticle to bring in the focus instantly. Moreover, device is also best optimized for use with Nikon’s Spot on Ballistic Match Technology. These features have made Nikon P-223 an ideal and effective rifle accessory in the world.

Pros and Cons of Nikon P-223 BDC 600


Why Nikon P-223 is better than other rifle scopes – A comparative analysis

Nikon P-223 rifle scope

Other rifle scopes

Instant zero-in is the best feature of P-223 because you do not need to use any wrench to re-zero the scope

Zero-in of other rifle scopes is bit difficult and for most of the scopes wrench is needed and is also time consuming.

From 4 up to 12 times magnification with clear crystal image is the plus point of this product.

No rifle scopes with this configuration are there that can show clear crystal image for 12 times magnification

Nikon P-223 is a very cheap but reliable device ever before.

There is no rifle scope of such configuration within the cost of P-223

Adjustment turret is permanently lubricated and user doesn’t need to lubricate again and again.

Adjustment turrets of other scopes need frequent lubrication.

This product is completely guaranteed waterproof, dustproof and fogproof. User can operate during all types of weathers including rain, storm, fog dust etc.

Most of the riflescopes do not hold all such qualities.

How to install Nikon P-223 correctly?

Nikon has made it very simple to install P-223 on any combatable rifle. Now a person with little knowledge about riflescopes can easily mount this device on a combatable rifle.

You only need to know that whether the device is compatible with your rifle or not. If yes, you can easily mount P-223 riflescope on your gun by following the few easy steps that are given below.

  • 02 x unique mounting pieces are required to install Nikon P-223 riflescope on any compatible rifle, shotgun or handgun. The mounting rings are specially designed for ultra-compact scopes that are available with the scopes or can be obtained separately.
  • The first important step of fixing a rifle scope is to fix these rings on the gun on suitable place. Here it is compulsory to mention that never fix the rings with scope before fixing with the rifle.

    Actually, riflescopes are manufactured with thin aluminum material and are not recommended to be applying force for the adjustment of scope. So, keep the scope away while fixing the mounting pieces on the rifle.
  • Slide the mount rings in the rifle slot specially made for fixing a scope. After making the adjustment of rings according to the fixing positions of the scope, just tight the bolts under the rifle slot.
  • Next step is to fix the scope on the rings mounted on the fixing slot of rifle. Place the scope firmly on the rings and fix by tightening the screws on the lobs of rings.

Precaution for mounting P-223 rifle scope

Some precautions are necessary to be considered for mounting P-223 rifle scope to avoid any complication and proper functioning of the scope.

  • Although the Nikon P-223 has been manufactured with best quality and reliable material however negligence can lead to damage of the device. So, it is recommended to fix the device after fixing both the rings on the rifle slot.
  • To avoid movement of the device during aiming and firing, fix both the rings at extreme positions of the narrow tube like part of the scope.
  • Rifle scopes are made of thin aluminum and can be damaged by applying extra force while tightening the screw. So, just tight the screws to restrict the movement of scope.

    While fixing and tightening the scope with rings, great care is needed because extra pressure on the screws can disturb the internal parts of the scope.
  • Never twist or turn the scope while fixing and adjusting on the gun because the scope is a sensitive device and can be damaged.

    Before fixing the scope, install both the rings on proper places, and then fix the scope on the rings. If there is issue in the adjustment, first remove the scope from the gun and then readjust the rings.

How to use Nikon P-223 rifle scope perfectly?

Nikon has manufactured this aiming aid simple for new and experienced shooters. After taking a look on the P-223 rifle scope, you can know about its handling; however here are simple points for getting an idea before purchasing this product.

  • For using P-223 with BDC600 reticle, you can see hash marks from 100 to 600 years with open circle aiming points. Just select the point which is clearly visible and you can aim easily.

    This option is best to apply for a static target because once you have set your aiming point, you do not need to change because your distance from a static target always remains the same.
  • The second option is to dial-in your distance by using rapid action turrets. The adjustments for rapid action turrets are designed with 1/4 MOA. While adjusting your aim point through this option click sound is produces that confirms that distance adjustment toward your desired direction has been done.

    The rapid action dial-in is very effective for moving targets which need to be focus and re-aim with change of location and distance from the target.
  • At the beginning, using the rapid action turrets may be difficult regarding adjustment but with the passage of time when you get sight in with the scope, you can maintain even one to two inches aiming groups.
  • To become a professional rifle scope user, you need practice for the adjustment and aiming the target. In this connection you must be capable of operating the device without disturbing your aim point.

How to maintenance Nikon P-223 riflescope?

Riflescope is a sensitive device as it contains lenses which can be damaged by dust and dirt. Moreover, the device is used with a rifle which is a hard and tough machine itself. Combination of a sensitive device with a tough machine needs extra care during operation and storage.

So, maintenance of riflescope is very important to get the best and long term results from the device. Following points must be considered regarding maintenance of Nikon riflescope.

  • Handling of Rifle Scope: After completing your mission don’t leave the gun but remove the scope immediately. Moreover, if you have gap between the missions, apply scope covers on both the sides to save the device from dust particles.
  • Rifle Scope Lens Cleaning: Lenses are the important parts of a scope and need extra vigilance for cleaning. Never use a piece of cloth like handkerchief or rags to clean the surface of lens as it may cause scratches. Just use small quantity of alcohol putting on the soak gauze or lens cleaning paper to remove dirt or finger prints from the lenses.
  • Cleaning of exterior of Rifle Scope: To maintain the brightness and grace of the device, always wipe with soft dry cloth to remove dirt and fingerprints from the exterior of scope.
  • Cleaning/Lubrication of Adjustment Turret: The device is made with permanently lubricated adjustment turrets. So, applying additional lubrication is just useless and may be harmful for the device.

Frequently Asked Question

I am afraid of getting my Nikon P-223 scratched while cleaning. What is the safe procedure of cleaning of this device?

I have purchased a Nikon P-223 but I cannot mount/fix it on the gun. I could not find any accessory for fixing the scope.

Can I continue using the scope during rain?


Excluding a con that user complains for trouble in zeroing in this scope (it is only due to lack of experience that can coped after learning about this product); however, zero in feature of this product is better than other scopes of the same category.

Moreover, P-223 is a cheap device with latest technology based clear lenses that show clear crystal view of the target. Fixing of Nikon P-223 is very simple and time saving.

The rifle scope is designed for latest AR and modern spot gun and user have the facility to use the same scope for multiple rifles and guns. So, due to these solid rationales, P-223 is the best device of the current era.

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Alex says October 21, 2015

This scope is easy to set up and is very clear and easily adjustable.
Great scope that holds zero, took out a coyote at 226 yds by just holding on the second dot down. If you practice with the dots you can do it too!

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