Rifle Scope Vs Iron Sights – Which One Is The Best?

Whenever you intend to buy a rifle for the first time, you will need to focus on aiming. However, there are many ways that can help you to make a better aiming possible. You can use scope, spotting scope, binoculars, and night vision and iron sights.

Most of you will focus on how to choose the aiming point in order to get better position. If you are a retired army office or work for any forces, you may know how iron sights work. Moreover, you will have experienced to use iron sights more than rifle scopes.

There are many aspects when debating the points of rifle scope vs iron sights. To discuss about the aspects and different facts, examples, advantages and disadvantages of the two aiming method will help.

Fact 1: Budget Plan

While buying rifle scope, you must have a health budget. Normally, the price of the rifle scopes varies from model to model depending on the efficiency and features. For that reason, you will need to have a good budget for buying rifle scope with the new rifle. If you are a newbie, you should go with the rifle.


If you cannot afford both rifle price and rifle scope price, you should prefer iron sights. You will not need to pay a single penny extra because every rifle has the iron sight built-in that is hard to aim than rifle scopes.

Fact 2: Experience vs Newbie

More and more people are heading towards the rifle scope especially the newbie. The new shooters are suggested to go with the rifle scope if they have budget because they provide good shooting experience.


While considering the experienced shooters, they can improve their shooting ability with the scopes. However, the shooters with army or police job background can easily go with the iron sights. In fact, the iron sights will be a good choice and comfortable way to shoot the target.

In short, you should prefer rifle scope vs iron sights only if you have budget and no experience of iron sights.

Fact 3: Purpose of Shooting

The purpose of the shooting is also important in order to decide between rifle scope and iron sight. Whenever you are in any competition like shooting competition that can bring glory for you, then, rifle scope is the best option! Then, you must not consider about the budget as well as the price of the rifle scopes.


If you buy a rifle just because you want to shoot or like shooting, then, you do not need to buy any rifle. The iron sight of the rifle is enough in order to make you happy with the rifle.

In case of hunting, rifle scopes are better and more comfortable than aiming with iron sight. Therefore, you should have a fixed purpose of using the rifle to decide between the two options.

Fact 4: Accuracy of Shooting

Let’s some to the point of accuracy of shooting to the target using both rifle scope and iron sight. Although both of the options can provide same accuracy but iron sight accuracy depends on many aspects.

Iron sights accuracy will depend on your experience of using the option for aiming as well as the light condition. Sometimes eye power is also become a factor of aiming using the iron sights.


While considering the rifle scopes, you will get greater accuracy because this is easy to aim with proper light and at any condition. Moreover, the scope shows the aim with proper magnification to hit the target.

Fact 5: Care and Danger

Using rifle scope is dangerous and needs more care than iron sights. While considering the rifle scope for your hunting, you must need to take good care of this. Although this is an expensive item, this is not as durable as iron sights. Moreover, any wrong packing during traveling can damage the scope fully. In addition, most of the damaged scopes are not suitable for repairing to get it back with same features.


On the other hand, iron sights do not need as much care as the rifle scopes. You can clean the sight very easily and take it with you anywhere very easily.

Fact 6: Condition of Shooting

Are you thinking about the weather condition or night time shooting ability? Then, you must go with the rifle scope because they offer better lighting facility to the shooters. Therefore, you do not need to care about the time because you will get better aiming point although it is about to dusk or cloudy weather.


Iron sights do not offer any type of lighting facility to the users. In fact, some of the iron sights are not suitable to use in rainy conditions because of the materials that are used to make them!

Fact 7: Weight and size

Long time shooting and hunting ability depends on your energy. For that reason, you should not carry extra pounds on your bag because this will reduce your energy.

The weight and size of the rifle scopes are not preferable in case your intension to walk for a long time. In fact, the extra pound of the scope will make you tired than using an iron sight. On the other hand, the scopes are required extra space and care while walking too!

The iron sights are less heavy than the scopes and easy to carry. They do not need any type of particular degree of using and durable. For that reason, walking for a long time for hunting is possible with the iron sights.

Fact 8: Magnification vs. Time

Basically, the rifle scopes provide better magnification level to the hunters in order to hit the distance target very comfortably. However, this should also be noted that magnification increase the difficulty to hit nearby targets.

no magnification

In addition, this requires much time to focus on the target using the magnification. For that reason, the hunters should use the iron sights if the animal is about to move very quickly.

These are the differences of rifle scope vs iron sights. For that reason, you need to focus on every aspect before choosing any of the items between them. Remember that both of the aiming method has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, you should think each of the part carefully in order to decide the best for you!


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