Rifle Scope Vs Red Dot Sight – Which One Is The Best?

Have you bought your rifle for hunting purpose? Then, what type of aiming method you are using for hunting or hitting the target accurately? When you will search for the aiming purpose, you will get many mediums, rifle scope and red dot sight is two of them.

If you are between of choosing one between them, you will need to know rifle scope vs red dot sight. Only comparison between the two sights could give you a better result in order to get better shooting and comfortable hunting.

Before going to comparison part, let’s know what a rifle scope is and what a red dot sight is shortly!


Rifle scope is an aiming device that offers proper magnification with good accuracy level to hit long distance target. Different types of graphical combinations can be found in a scope.

Red dot sight is a common form of non-magnifying aiming device that offers a red dot as an aiming point. Basically, this is suitable for short distance shooting to save time of aiming!

For that reason, here are some of the facts for rifle scope vs red dot sight in order to give you full brief of the topic. As soon as you read the comparisons and facts, you will know which one you should buy!

Fact 1: Shooting Capability

Shooting quickly to the target becomes important sometimes especially for the hunters. Most of the hunters like to use rifle scope in order to get accuracy and long distance shooting capability. However, magnification level of the rifle scopes is high and therefore, aiming at very close distance is hard and time consuming.

On the contrary, red dot sight works better for close distance shooting because they are both accurate and fast for close distance. For that reason, you will no longer need the scopes if you want to have fast aiming and shooting capability


Fact 2: comfortableness

Comfortable shooting is the most required item for the shooters especially hunters in order to remain for a long time in the field. While thinking of rifle scope vs red dot sight, you will notice a large gap on basis on comfortable factor.

If you use rifle scopes for aiming and hunting, you will need to keep eyes on the back end of the scope for aiming. If you move your head, the aim can be lost too! For that reason, this could be a reason of neck pain for many of the hunters.

Using red dot sight does not have any problem because you do need to keep your head with the aiming point. In fact, you can watch the red dot from a reasonable distance. However, please do not move the rifle too far to watch the red dot accurately!


Fact 3: Eye Relief Problem

Maximum hunters who are using rifle scope face eye relief problem. This can also lead to hurt if you are not enough careful too! For that reason, you must need to be careful while using the rifle scope.

But, there is no problem of eye relief using a red dot sight. In fact, you will have the red dot sight far from the position. As a result, you can avoid eye relief very easily in order to prevent accident.

Eye Relief

Fact 4: Placement of rifle scope vs red dot sight

The place of joining the rifle scope is limited for the hunters, although some rifles offer one extra placement for it. On the contrary, red dot sight can easily be place in different sections.

You will have 3 spaces for joining your red dot sight including way out on the barrel, ahead and on the receiver.



Fact 5: Preciseness

If you research about the preciseness of the rifle scope and red dot sight, you will give poor marks to the red dot sight. Normally, they are less accurate than a scope.

Normally, you will get 1 to 4 minute of the subtend angel at a 10 yards of distance for the red dot sight. You can customize the minute level of the aiming device but they cannot cover as much as space a scope can!


Fact 6: Magnification level

Do you want to hunt from a long distance? Then, you must go with the scope because they offer different levels of magnification level for the hunters. Moreover, the level of the focusing depends on the feature and the scope features.

However, this is a poor side of a red dot sight because they do not offer any magnification level. For that reason, you can never get the accurate and focus target using this. In fact, this will cover less area than a scope can! As a matter of fact, the accuracy level will be lower in case you buy a red dot.


Fact 7: parallax vs no-parallax

This is an important factor for the hunters because parallax takes time to focus and shoot on the target. On the other hand, you may lose the parallax most often if you do not know how to use a scope properly!

On the other hand, red dot sight is free from any type of parallax problem. As soon as you watch the red dot and covers the area, you can save time and shoot on the target. There is no difficulty for using and setting up the parallax to get full accuracy.

Fact 8: Purpose of use

The purpose of using the rifle is also a matter of fact to think before goes with any of the aiming device. Do you require an aiming device for long range shooting?

Then, rifle scope is the best option for you because it offers magnification and extra optical zoom to get accuracy. You will never get any type of zoom or magnification level from red dot.

On the other hand, short distant rifles and purpose need red dot sights than scopes. Red dot will help you to quick aim and shoot as soon as you get the red dot! You do not need to aim perfectly as well as zero magnifies in order to aim from the beginning!


These are the 8 facts of rifle scope vs red dot sight that you need to know. As soon as you know the facts, this will be easier for you to set up your mind to buy one.

Remember that every section has advantages and disadvantages that you need to consider. On the other hand, using the right aiming point in right time is also a matter.

Many times, you are not happy what you have brought for! This is a reason because you do not know how to operate this quickly and efficiently. For that reason, you need lots of practice in order to become a professional of using either rifle scope or red dot sight.


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