How To Fit Rifle Scope Video Camera For Effective Result

Many of the hunters and shooters prefer to fit rifle scope video camera now a day because of it’s efficiently. This provides a digital view of the aiming point of the rifle and makes the young hunters easy to aim.

Rifle scope video camera fitting has other advantages for the hunters too! If you attach a video camera, you will be free from eye relief from during shooting. Moreover, you can record what the score is watching as well as give a nominal movement during recording.


The advantages of fitting rifle scope video camera are shortly bellowed here:

  1. provides large aiming view to the shooters
  2. ensures to get rid of the eye relief problem while shooting
  3. provide the young and new hunters easy way to improve shooting experience and ability
  4. offers to record what scope watches with nominal movement

Isn’t it cool to have the facility to you rifle scope too! Then, you should also learn rifle scope video camera fitting steps in order to make your gun digital. Remember that your rifle will be the main way to get experience in the hunting place. Moreover, fitting a video camera properly will make you aggressive hunter quickly.

Steps of rifle scope video camera fitting:

Step: 1

First of all, you will require managing all the essential items that you will need to fit video camera in your rifle scopes. There are numerous items that you will need to manage carefully. Any misconduct or wrong selection could make the full effort vanish and ineffective for hunting.

Items are:

  1. A good quality video camera
  2. Adapter lens ring
  3. Matching size screw
  4. A Glue or Resin


While choosing those items for rifle scope video camera fitting, you must be careful for some of the points. The points are highlighted on the steps for avoiding any confusion and misunderstanding.

Step: 2

As soon as you have the mentioned items, let’s start our mission in order to fit rifle scope a video camera efficiently. Whenever you are ready, you must select a workable place with proper lights. Remember that any unawareness will make your effort meaningless. You will need to put everything in a place but keep the camera out for now.

Step: 3

In this step, you will need to work with the adapter lens and screw. Remember that the screw should be selected after measuring the back end of the rifle scope. As you will use the screw in the scope, this should be the appropriate size to the scope.


You need to twist the first adapter lens to the back end of the scope. After that you will take the step-down size adapter ring and twist it over the first one. As a result, the second ring will help to hold your video camera and give a good rifle scope video camera fitting.

NOTE: This is to note that you must buy the second adapter right according to your video camera lens size. You will attach the video camera to the second ring adapter and for that reason; you must have the suitable size in order to get good holding facility.

Step: 4

When you have the correct size of the second adapter ring, you will need to screw it with the video camera. Remember that you will need to screw it and twist it tightly. The more you will tight the video camera, the more safely it will attach to your rifle scope.


Use glue in order to secure screwing the video camera with the adapter. However, you can also resin in order to prevent dropping the camera too!

Step: 5

You will surely face dust problem on the rifle scope video camera fitting area. For that reason, you can use tape or any other thing in order to cover the area. Remember that the tape should not move on from the place, if so, then, dust will get-together on the spot that is hard to clean.


In this step, you are needed to check that everything is working fantastically like the way you want. For that reason, keep the rifle to a good place, and turn on your video camera.


Watch out the aim through the video camera in order to wall the aiming point through the digital screen. If this is clear, then, you do not need to change anything. However, you must need to remove the screws and adapters and start from the beginning in case of unclear footage.

Step: 7

Now you will need to keep the rifle scope video camera fitting to any secure place in order to prevent your video camera from any sort of problem. Remember that you will need to watch through the video camera but other aspects will be through the scope.


Some hunters remove the rifle scope video camera fitting most frequently when they need the video camera. However, this could lose the adapters and screws as well as reduce the efficiency. For that reason, always try to use the video camera that you will not need for further purpose.

These are the simple 7 steps that can give you a perfect rifle scope video camera fitting and increase your aiming experience through the gun. Remember to turn-on the video camera while working with it and timely charge it.

If you are intending to hunt for a long time with the rifle scope video camera, then, you must buy some portable batteries in order to change so that you can get a longer durable time. Or, portable charge or power bank will also do a good job for giving you a long time hunting or shooting capability.

So, this is your turn to make your rifle scope digital and make it effective. Those who have problem to look through the small scope diameter to the aim can use the rifle scope video camera fitting process to make the rifle effective. Do not forget to select the right items because the fitting efficiency and result will be depended on the items.


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