What You Need To Know About Rifle Scope With Built In Rangefinder

Many hunters prefer to buy a rangefinder for the rifle before shooting. For that reason, they need extra care and finding the range with the device. Although the rangefinder provides accurate measurement of the distance, they are extra painful to carry.

The rangefinder is a device that provides accurate distance measurements of any focused objects or things. This is such kind of device that is mostly used in guns and cameras. Hunters, shooters, and campers like to have a rangefinder in order to have a quick measurement of the distance of any place or objective.

The rifle scope is a magnifying device that is attached to the rifle in order to have better accuracy and focus level in order to hit the target. Shooters and hunters like to have a higher magnification scope from different brands in order to increase efficiency and professionalism.

Now a day, many rifle scope companies are designing rifle scopes with a built-in rangefinder for hunters to make it a two-in-one device. Although the scopes with rangefinders are extremely beneficial for the hunters, they have some disadvantages too.

Do you feel interested or tempted to buy a rifle scope with a built-in rangefinder for your rifle too? Then, you must know some of the following facts before approaching to purchase the rifle scope.

Advantages of rifle scope with built-in rangefinder

All-in-one Scope

Stop buying separate rangefinders and rifle scopes as you are getting the same features in one device. Having a separate rangefinder means giving extra attention to the rangefinder for shooting. When you have both of the devices in a single device, your attention will not drive from your gun and target. In fact, this provides you with quick action as the target moves!

Improve Accuracy

Rifle scopes show some lines and dots and a hunter needs to calculate the items manually. However, this takes a bit of time for the newbie and they lose the target!

A rifle scope with a built-in rangefinder also offers lines in order to measure the distance. However, the built-in rangefinder uses laser technology in order to measure the distance of the target and show you within a short time. So, you will not need to calculate the distance of the target if you have a built-in rangefinder.

Adequate field of view

In order to get a wider field of view, you should go with the rangefinder scopes for your rifle. Having a powerful lens does not mean showing you an object larger on the screen. This is the FOV degree that provides you a wider image of the object at an increasing rate.

Exit Pupil

You will not find any rifle scope in the market that offers to show exit pupils on it. The feature is only presented in the rangefinders that work well in mounting or other areas of hunting.

When you are using only a rifle scope, you will not get an accurate exit pupil. The diameter of the lens and magnification rate will affect the exit pupil. Only experienced hunters can deal with such kinds of information and measurement.

Parallax adjustment

Parallax occurs when the reticle does not focus on a fixed target. This is the biggest problem for the newbie using a rifle scope. Normally, parallax problem does not occur within 100-150 feet distance.

Rangefinder does not help to make a parallax-free scope at all. However, this can help you to adjust the parallax in different forms like at the ocular bell or at the objective.

Windage & Elevation Settings

Windage and elevation settings are important for preventing them from unusual movement. If you do not need to want unwanted movement, you need to fix mil-radian-based increments using a coin or screws.

Normally, the old scopes need coins or screws in order to set the increments. Modern scopes also have unusual movement and little bit hard to adjust. But, rifle scopes with built-in rangefinders have used a dial for ease of use that is very easy to adjust for the hunters.

These are basically the advantage of having a rangefinder built-in in a rifle scope. However, using the scope has also some limitations that you need to know.

As hunters say that having a rangefinder enlarges the facilities of the scope, but at the same time, they have made hunting difficult in a few aspects. Therefore, knowing the limitations is also important for you when planning to buy it!


Fairly Large

Normally, scopes are found in different sizes and diameters and you have to buy the preferred model. However, the rifle scope with a built-in rangefinder is fairly larger than the normal scope.

A larger scope means a larger box to carry the scope as well as taking extra care in order to hold and walk with the rifle. Therefore, this could create a difficult situation for fast-moving targets.

Bulky & Heavy

Normally, rifle scopes with built-in rangefinders are bulky and heavy for a person to handle it properly. Expert hunters and shooters always suggest buying lighter scopes for rifles.

If you are buying the built-in rangefinder scope, you will need to have more power to carry it and a big box to store it.

Limited LRF Power

Most rangefinder provides good Low-Resolution Fox (LRF) to hunters. It makes the low-distance target more attractive than other devices in order to make a comfortable focus on it.

However, scopes with built-in rangefinders do not offer high LRF power to your scope. In fact, the power is very limited, so, you will not get the service a separate rangefinder can offer!

Fairley Expensive

Well, you will get both scope and rangefinder in one device, and expect it to be cheap! Just delete the concept from your mind because the scope with a built-in rangefinder is fairly more expensive than a single scope or rangefinder.

For that reason, the newbie should not go with the built-in rangefinder as this needs a big investment. Instead, you can go with a separate rangefinder because this will offer you full features of it!

At last, you will need to know something some countries do not allow hunters to use rifle scopes with built-in rangefinders at all! For that reason, you should check out the law before you approach to choose the new model.

Remember that you should be an experienced person before going with the built-in rangefinder. However, you can go with the tutorial videos in order to know how to operate a scope and rangefinder quickly and efficiently. Many of the young new hunters buy the device and face trouble operating the two-in-one device. For that reason, you should have accurate knowledge about the device before purchase!

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