Top 3 Best Takedown Survival Guns You Must Have

Do you want to know about survival guns? Everyone wants to have a perfect survival gun to use. However, this is really hard to find a survival gun because every gun is not perfect. Today we are here to discuss about the 3 great take down survival guns that you can use for your home.

Of course, there are many other survival guns available in the market. We were bit confused when selecting the survival guns that we can talk about. However, the lightweight body, easy to use and price level make the way easy to decide the process. This will always provide us the names of the best three survival guns available that can also be workable for harvesting small games.

  1. Henry Repeating Arm’s AR-7 survival rifle
  2. Ruger’s Highly Popular 10/22 Takedown
  3. Marlin’s Model 70pSS

Top 3 Takedown Survival Guns


Henry Repeating Arms Co. AR-7 Survival Rifle


This is one of the oldest survival rifles that can give you the perfect way to start. This is the model rifle that will bring you to the 1950s. The rifle is no longer available for production; but still become a practice piece to deal with. In fact, this was a pure model that commercially successful too.

The AR-7 models were not as popular as it is now. After selling the design to the market, many companies started to manufacture the rifles. Finally, Henry acquired the design and makes the perfect survival gun with a small box.

There is a black synthetic stock along with water resistant container that is really good. Moreover, you will have a 16.1-inch barrel along with two eight round magazines and the receiver. The entire rifle package is not too much big to carry.

Assembling the survival rifle is very easy for any shooter. All of the parts are easily stored in the cutout of the stock. You will need to take out the parts and continue to join them. Don’t worry because the manufacturer provides the instruction in order to assemble the rifle properly.

The consistency of the accuracy level of the survival rifle is very high than other two rifles. The following table is based at 25 yards shooting and the rifle provides the best result than other two rifles. There are also other accessories that you can use in the rifle, but they will increase the cost of the rifle too!



Ruger’s Highly Popular 10/22 Takedown


If you want to purchase a survival rifle of .22 LRs section, this is the best rifle that you can have. The rifle was first introduced in 1964 and till then, the model becomes one of the most popular among the shooters. However, Ruger introduced the 10/22 takedown survival rifle design in 2012.

The design is different from its real design. This is ready to remove the barrel and assemble it. This is a twist pop out barrel design that does not need much space for storage. The neat and short spaced storage opportunity makes the right popular among the shooters.

This is a 16.6-inch barrel rifle that comes with a synthetic stock. This comes with a flash suppressor that is used for removing and replacing it very readily. The U notch rear golden color sight is very much perfect to aim. You will always get the right correction and get enough perfect aiming point. Sometimes, you can also use iron sights or, you can take the quality rifle scope to get better pointing at the aiming object.

You will feel strange, as soon as you notice the gap between the fore-end and the stock. Don’t worry about the flexibility of the rifle, because this feels good to carry and aim at shooting point. You will always get a perfect way to hold the 10/22 takedown rifle. The paddle-style magazine release provides a secure way to shoot at the point along with blade bolt release. Moreover, the right side bolt handle provides the best way to shoot at any target.

This rifle is much comfortable and efficient for shooting than the AR-7 model. However, the accuracy is not as perfect as the AR-7, but still performs well.



Marlin’s Model 70pSS

This is a customized rifle of Crickett bolt action. A simple design that is perfect for backpackers and hikers. The lightweight rifle is very easy to carry and provide good accuracy level as a .22 rifle.

Most of the time, the Crickett action rifles are used for single shot bolt action rifle for training the children. This is also similar type of rifle with a customized design option. It comes with small 12-inch length of pulling design in its 16.1-inch barrel. The 2.5 pounds weight of the rifle is very light for the regular shooters in its 30-inch full length.

There are lots of models of the survival rifle that you can purchase from. The length may be varied 1 or 2-inches from its general length. However, the storage will not need much space for the rifle too. You will get a good way to store the rifle very easily, sometimes in its stock too! This is really a great rifle for the hikers and backpackers for seasonal hunting days. Moreover, they are quick to action for self defensive shoots in order to be safe at night for any sudden attack from the wild animals.




Takedown survival guns are very much required if you are living in any risky area like near forest or mountain. However, the campers in mountains and forest also need a right rifle in order to be safe. The survival rifles can provide the best opportunity to deal with the risks and get proper benefits. When you will have your way towards the option, you will also look for the best support.

We have discussed here the top 3 survival guns because they are really great for its work. Therefore, you will get great accuracy with high magazine power for shooting. As a result, you can easily practice with the rifle for few days before you go and get higher result.


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