Top 5 Typical Whitetail Bucks In The History!

Now a day modern hunters are fond of hunting whitetail bucks in many competitions. Once upon a time, hunters did not hunt whitetail for getting hunting trophies. In fact, they did not have sponsors and modern rifles like today. The traditional hunters use hunting skill along with old war rifles to hunt.

whitetail bucks

Technology and time have changed the conditions of the hunting whitetail. However, the young generation also loves to maintain the outdoor hunting traditional because of the previous generation. In fact, there are many rich hunting heritage where biggest whitetail bucks are available to be hunted. Today you will know the biggest typical whitetail bucks till.

  1. Robert Smith
  2. Mel Johnson
  3. Larry Gibson
  4. James Jordan
  5. Milo Hansen

Milo Hansen

In 1993, Milo Hansen marked a landmark in the history by hunting the biggest No. 1 typical whitetail till now. By scoring 215 5/8 B&C, he has put his name in the page of the history for hunting bucks.

In the hunting field, many hunters were hankering after the massive buck but he attained the glory. He fired two bullets from his steady rifle and stood in the record book for hunting the biggest typical whitetail.

James Jordan

By killing 206 1/8 B&C buck in 1914, James Jordan ranked on the second place in the biggest typical whitetail hunter. Although he hunted the typical whitetail long ago, he took it to the local taxidermist.

The big buck made him to the No. 1 typical whitetail hunter at that time. However, the time has replaced him to the second place. However, he took it to Minnesota and Florida with him. When he was about the sale for $3, one of his relative told him about this type of a trophy for hunting a massive sized whitetail.

Larry Gibson

By using a .308 caliber on shot gun, Larry Gibson killed the whitetail from 20 yards distance. He was one of the hunters who did not hunter for getting trophies and frames.

He killed 205 B&C and gained the tropic in 1971. However, he sold it for $200 to the Show-Me Big Bucks. The club is the owner of the big buck and received an offer of $50,000 for the buck too!

Mel Johnson

The modern day archery hero, Johnson ranks in the fourth position for killing 204 4/8 B&C whitetail in 1960s. However, he is also named for the No. 1 typical archery world record.

Johnson led the archery for a long time and people honor him for his deed for this field. In 1965, he left the work and started hunting. He shoots the 270 pounds whitetail from 300 yards away with his ethical shot!

Robert Smith

In 2000, Robert Smith killed a 245 pounds whitetail in the rifle season. He scored 204 2/8 and gained the position of top 5 whitetail bucks in all time history. His achievements were like the stars in last few decades because this was the largest whitetail in the recent times. A 30-inch beam with 20-inch side spread was the trophy of the traditional shooter who shoots it very accurately.

Whitetail hunting is very fascinating for the modern hunters to place their name in the pages of the history. However, the task is not easy because the modern hunters are hardly to reach to the top positions. Because of not having proper availability of the biggest whitetail in the hunting season and lack of skills of the modern hunters will always make a deadline.

The modern hunters are suggested to follow the tips and tricks of the traditional hunters before choosing this for challenging task. The modern technologies have changed the hunting season completely but lack the skill of the hunters.

According to the traditional hunters, any modern hunter will need to focus on the strength, skills and experience for hunting the big whitetails in the season. By depending on the technological product like rifle scope, rangefinders and other equipments, you can never reach to the spot. It took a long time to the top whitetail bucks to reach to the top place and their skill and experience led them. So, best of luck to the new and modern hunters to gain skill and experience to make a historical day in 2015 too!

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