Top 8 Awesome New Rifles For 2015

2015 brings many great new rifles to the rifle lovers. Brands like Daniel Defense, Colonel Cooper and more bring several good quality rifles to the market. The rifles make the 2015 really an impressive year with those rifles.

You will find models available in AK, Aras well as Scout rifle platforms. Some of the rifles also designed with a built-in mounted scope with iron sights. Moreover, there are also some new rifles that design with a view to traditional rifles dressed up. Therefore, the lightweight, quality rifles will give you the traditional shooters look in the competition.

Today, we are here to discuss about the top new rifles for 2015 that you can select to buy if you are interested. But, we are reviewing to highlight the best rifles in 2015 to the rifle lovers.

Springfield M1A Loaded Precision Adjustable

This is one of our best picks rifle for 2015, because of its design, adjustable option. The rifle is available with some adjustable packages for the users. It offers to adjust the length of pull and comb height for better stock.



Don’t you want to know what is the best way of use it? This is perfect model for benchrest shooting games for its optics rail and pistol grip design.

Daniel Defense DDM4V11 Pro Series Rifle

This is the best rifle of Daniel Defense that released in 2014 summer. The rifle is one of the parts of their expansion of the company that is trying to invent more good rifles in the market.

The 18 inch cold hammer-forged barrel is a perfect shooting any competitive field. The rifle-length gas system reduces the split times that is one of the biggest additions. On the other hand, you will feel good to handle the Vltor Gunfighter Mod 4. The company adds new sLiM rail system in this rifle for the first time. As a result, this provides a great feeling with quick customization option to the shooters.



Savage Model 11 Scout Rifle

Our next rifle is from Colonel Jeff Cooper’s company. This is a rifle that comes with short barrel design for bolt gun. The rifle is very quick to handle and get the mounted optic. The popular scout platform becomes one of the most desirous among the shooters.

The rifle offers adjustable length of pull and comb height very easily whenever you need a 10-round box magazine will be available with the rifle for the shooters. The mounted scope and the sights will help you to get the smallest target very clearly. The design is perfect for the hunting seasons, especially quick reaction have a good shoot.



CMMG Mk 47 Mutant

CMMG designs the rifle excellently to provide durability and sturdiness to the shooters. The rifle follows a blot derived design of the AR-10 with small barrel length.

However, the weight of the rifle seems to the high for some shooters. But, this is perfect for buzz shooting experience. The 16.1 inch barrel with good accessories give you option to handle is very easily. The rifle designs with single and two stage trigger, so, customize the rifle like you want.






Tikka T3 Forest

Tikka T3 Forest is a popular model rifle of the Tikka brand that is recently become so much popular among the hunters and shooters. The brand is well known for its super level of accuracy and smooth actions. Upgraded wood design along with a Monte Carlo stock gives the rifle everything that you expect for hunting.

Moreover, there is an adjustable single stage trigger option for the hunters with barrel from Sako Company. In addition, you will love to have the smooth action with its two-stage safety design. Don’t worry if you are a left hand hunter because this offers a separate design too!



Sako 85 Carbonlight

Sako is well known for designing the best and lightweight rifle for the hunters. However, you need to upgrade your budget to have the best lightweight rifle for 2015 from Sako.

The rifle is only 5.5 pounds because of having a carbon fiber stock and automobile technology. Free floated option along with stainless steel barrel can give you the finest way to aim to your target. Moreover, the optional single set trigger is available, when you can use five types of calibers in the rifle.




Alexander Arms | Hunter

Youtube Alexander Arms is especially designed for the hunters with 6.5 Grendel cartridges to have great skills. The rifle offers a wide range of bullets to use for medium and long range shooting.

The terminal performance of the rifle in game is awesome. This is a unique design with factory rifle in chambering for 2015. The weight is not too high and accuracy is perfect for hunting deer. This is a good combination of features in AR-15 platform for the hunters.


G.A. Precision | Backpack Hunter

The hunters and shooters love to use the rifles of the rifle marker because of its design and accuracy level. The Remington Model 7 action with a folding stock is a great design for the backpack hunters.

The folding stock feature enhances the quality, and gives new dimension to the hunters. The rifle provides the best accuracy level with a .300 blackout caliber. The 8 pounds rifle will give you a good performance that designs with a Bartlein match grade barrel.




These are the top 8 new rifles for 2015 hunters and shooters. You can consider any of the rifles for your hunting or shooting game in near future. Don’t forget to note the barrel length as well as the caliber because they are more important than others. We have also provided separate three rifles that are especially designed for the deer style hunters. As a result, pick the right rifle that you want to use for getting the best performance in the big game title. Of course, do not forget to practice a lot using the purchased rifle because this is the one and only ultimate way to get good accuracy level.

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