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UTG 30mm SWAT 3-12X44 Compact IE Scope – An Effective Product With Uncommon Features

Leaper is the name of quality and standard for manufacturing innovative aiming aids for multiple rifles, airguns and firearms. UTG 30mm SWAT 3-012x44 rifle scope is the proof of leaper’s affiliation and dedication to make the aim precisely perfect.

New UTG rifle scope has been manufactured to meet the requirements of accurate and effective firing at longer distance. Moreover, the device has been made with full waterproofing, fog proofing and shock proofing.

The unique and advanced features prove that how the product is useful for effective aiming at longer distance for hunting and combat missions.

  • Benefit of customer
  • Feature of UTG 30mm SWAT 3-12X44

Benefit of customer when they have Leapers UTG 30mm SWAT 3-12X44 rifle scope:

Nikon P-223 BDC 600 Riflescope with Rapid Action Turret, Black, 4-12x40
  • Leapers UTG SWAT is the cheapest rifle scope in the market with unique features.
  • Magnification 3 to 12 times than the normal image provides clear crystal view of target.
  • UTG has been equipped with Illumination Enhancing Technology with 36 color scheme for clearer image of the target.
  • Nitrogen filled device completely shock proof, waterproof and dust proof. Best to use for unusual weather conditions because it works better in all weathers.
  • UTG mounting rings are handier due to Detach lever lock which is easy to installed and lock. No need to mess-up with screws tightening under the rifle slot like other scopes that is very difficult and time consuming. Moreover, there are 4 screws instead of 2 to strengthen the upper lobs of the mounting pieces.
  • SWAT AO feature for best parallax setting from 10 yards to infinity helps to aim at longer distance.
  • Device is compatible with multiple rifle and gun platforms including AR15, AR 10, AK 47, AK 74 and Saiga 7.62 etc.
  • SWAT AO side adjustment knob is the additional feature of UTG scope that allow you rapid and instant aim setting without disturbing your focus from the target. The side knob is available with multiple sizes of side wheel optional for users.
  • Most of the rifle scopes are available without mounting rings and user need to purchase mounting pieces separately which increase total cost of product. UTG SWAT has mounting rings available within the same packing.

Pros and Cons of UTG 30mm SWAT


Why Leapers UTG 30mm SWAT better than other rifle scopes – A comparative analysis

UTG 30mm SWAT rifle scope

Other rifle scopes

Innovative 100% Nitrogen filled True Strength platform tested against heavy thrust rifles with extreme recoiling.

There are only few rifles filled with Nitrogen

The device is uncommon with exclusive features. UTG is the cheapest rifle scope costs only under $120 (Click here to check newest price)

Rifle scopes with the same configuration are rarely available in the market. Moreover, the cost of the same scopes like vortex viper is more than $350.00

The device has been manufactured with 36 colors scheme Illumination Enhancing Technology best for extreme weather conditions and night shooting missions.

Most of the device contains only dual color scheme of combination of red/green less effective for extreme weather conditions.

Although the scope is manufactured with best quality thin aluminum material and however Extremely light in weight approximately 1.4 pounds and easy to carry along with guns

Other rifles scopes manufactured with aluminum material are comparatively heavy.

Device has been made with guaranteed waterproof, fogproof and shockproof.

Although rifle scopes of other brands are waterproof but shock proofing is not guaranteed.

The product is equipped with upper knob adjustment turrets and additional side wheel turret for handy adjustments

Other brands are manufactured only with upper knob adjustment turrets.

Aiming range of the UTG rifle scope is from 10 yards to infinity. So, user can aim at nearer as well as longer distances.

Most of the rifle scopes provide aiming up to 600 yards.

How to install UTG 30mm SWAT 3-12X44 correctly?

Installation of UTG 30mm rifle scope is now very simple as it was never before. The mounting assembly of UTG 30mm has been manufactured with more secure lock tested for law enforcement activities.

Keeping in view the combat activity of law enforcement persons, the installation of UTG has been made straightforward and handy. Here is the step by step mounting procedure of Leaper’s UTG SWAT rifle scope.

  • For most of the rifle scopes, the mounting rings come along with screws that need to be tightened under the mounting slot of gun that takes long time to mount and adjust.

    As the device has been especially manufactured for law enforcement personal, the mounting has been made easy with UPM (Universal Picatinny Mount) detach lever lock. Just rail-in the 02 x pieces 30mm rings in the rifle slot and secure with lever lock.
  • After locking the rings on the rifle slot, place the scope on its place and fix by placing the upper lobs of rings.

    For the first time, upper lobs of the rifle scope consist of 4 screws for keeping the device fix at its place during high thrust and heavy recoiling of the cartridges. For each ring, 4 crews are required to fix with the help of screwdriver.
  • After fixing and tightening the upper screws of the rings, your scope is now ready to use. Just adjust target range, load the gun with ammunition and enjoy trouble free shooting.

Mounting precautions for UTG 30mm SWAT 3-12X44

Although, Leaper has made the mounting procedure for UTG rifle scope easy and time saving by adding Detach Lever Lock; however still need great care while mounting the scope.

Here are some important precautionary measures to be considered while mounting UTG scope on any AR, AK rifle platform or any other rifle.

  • As a general precautionary measure, always fix the rings on rifle slot first to avoid any damage to the surface or internal parts of the scope.
  • Rings internal surface contains best quality synthetic layer to protect the scope from getting scratched. The synthetic layer is sensitive and its damage may lead to problem in fixing the scope. So, while mounting the scope, keep this precaution in mind.
  • Leaper has made this product light in weight to reduce the load on the shoulders of shooter during combat and hunting missions.

    The device has been made with tight tolerance control but the scope tube and lenses are very sensitive and need extra vigilance while tightening the top screws. So, just tight enough to fix the scope on ring pieces.

How to use Nikon P-223 rifle scope perfectly?

Leaper has manufactured this device handy and simple for the firers of AR and AK rifles. While designing these products, company has focused on all the issues highlighted by the users of previous version of UTC rifle scope.

Here is step by step user guide for the new users to get basic idea of accurate aiming by using UTG 300 SWAT rifle scope.

  • As compare to other rifle scopes, UTG SWAT is straightforward and unproblematic to aim at longer distance. With this device you can set your target range from 10 yards to infinity. Moreover, you can set longer distance aiming by setting the turret at 10 yards.

    This setting will give you very clear image of the target just as 10 yards distance. Once you have selected your target range, you can lock it by using the lockable turret feature. After that you do not need to change the target setting while firing on the same setting.

    Lockable and resetable turret feature of the UTG 30mm is best option for shooting competition because it provides you more clear and accurate target.
  • Like other rifle scopes, UTG has 1/4 MOA adjustment turret for quick zeroing in and almost works like previous versions. To make adjustment procedure more easy and handy, this scope has been equipped with an additional side wheel adjustment turret. The wheel of side turret has been optionally made with multiple sizes and user can select the most comfortable for his/her use.
  • You may already have used rifle scope with dual color scheme for aiming the target. Dual color scheme consists of a combination of red and green color that does not provide best image during hard weather conditions and night missions.

    To cope with this problem, Leaper has equipped UTG aiming aid with Illumination Enhancing Technology. Now for hard and unusual weather conditions, you can use IE technology for clear and bright visual image of your target.

  • As you have read above, Leaper’s SWAT scope contains sunshade and flip open cover lenses. During shooting mission, whether it is a shooting game or hunting/combat mission, proper usage of the sunshade provides you with more protection against sunshine and heavy recoiling of cartridges.

How to maintain Leapers UTG 30mm SWAT 3-12X44 rifle scope?

Leaper has manufactured this device more powerful regarding visual clarity and performance. The device is light in weight and short in length as compare to other scopes of this category. These two features of this device have made it more effective and handy for all types of shooting activities.

However, maintenance and storage of this device is more important to ensure the proper functioning of all uncommon features. Here are some important points regarding the maintenance of UTG scope for shooters and store keepers.

  • Lens protection: Along with exceptional and unique aim adjustment systems and crystal clear lenses, Leaper has added all possible safety features regarding environmental hazards. Company has made the product with flip open lens covers.

    So, when you need the scope to use for your mission, just remove the flip open cover from the lenses. Once you have completed the mission, just put back the flip cover on. This will keep the lens safe from dust particles and accidentally hitting the lens by any external object.
  • General cleanliness of UTG rifle scope: Leaper’s UTG scope is the best aiming aid with multiple uncommon features regarding safety of the product; however, it needs care regarding cleanliness during and after the missions.

    Company has made the product guaranteed water, dust, fog and chock proof and has been tested for its reliability. But prolonged presence of dust or water on different parts of the scope can cause damage to internal parts. So, ensure the cleanliness of the device just after finishing your job.
  • Care regarding mounting UTG on rifle: Leaper’s UTG 30mm SWAT rifle scope is a product with simplest and easiest mounting method. Lever lock mounting pieces can be installed in rifle slot instantly.

    Only care in this connection is required is to fix upper lobs of the mounting pieces. Extra exertion for tightening the screws often causes damage to inter surface of the rings tapped synthetic. So, take possible precautions while fixing the upper lobs of the rings.

Frequently Asked Question

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Except the only con that side wheel adjustment turret is hard to operate, the UTG rifle scope is the ideal device for all weather conditions.

However, the issue of side wheel turret can be coped by replacing the wheel with large diameter wheel. The exceptional features of IE technology, aim setting to infinity, sunshade design and flip open lens cover are the uncommon.

Leapers UTG scope is compatible with many shooting, hunting and gaming platforms. So, with the cheapest cost of only under $120, UTG SWAT is the best option for everyone to enjoy the variety of latest and unique features.

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