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The Differences On Skill Because Of The Change In Equipments

Hunting is always a pleasant and challenging task from the beginning of the earth. Once upon a time people hunted for survival and now they hunt for getting pleasure. But, the tradition of hunting has changed time to time because of modern technology and other aspects.

Many of the traditional hunters believe that the modern hunters feel easy to hunt because of the technology. On the other hand, the fascination and challenge has not as much as they had in their time. Therefore, there is a little bit change of skills for hunting.

old hunters vs modern hunters

Modern hunters do not need much skill to hunt because they are easily getting the features and opportunities to find scope and hunt a deer. The changes on skill are because of using different types of elements during hunting. Let’s define some of the differences on skill because of the change in equipments.

  1. Maps & Compass vs. GPS
  2. Reading Signs vs. Trail Cameras
  3. Flint & Steel vs Lighter to Make Fire
  4. Reading Distance vs Electronic Rangefinder

Maps & Compass vs GPS

Traditional hunters are used to buy and use the maps and compass in order to get the track on the hunting field. They are very much familiar to the traditional orienteering items and lines on the paper. This was easy to understand the scale and distance to reach any spot by watching the map with compass.

GPS technology has given all necessary information to a hunter with his recent place, land a mark of his destination and shows the easiest track to select. Moreover, the GPS system can also track and gives sign of the animal presence in a place within a short time. Therefore, the modern hunters do not need to notice the natural sign of the presence of the animals to hunt.

Reading Signs vs. Trail Cameras

The traditional hunters are very aware of the signs of the big bucks in the forest. He always notices the small changes in the weather and its impact on the animals. Moreover, a few disturbed leaves and foot print are enough to get the identification of the animal. By testing the wind and landscape, the old traditional hunters can understand the presence of the animal.

Now a day, modern hunters hanker after trail cameras in order to watch the habit, shed velvet and other habits of the animals very easily. They focus on the strategy and landmark of the animals. By using different patterns and stand sites of the multiple cameras, the modern hunters can easily get the line of bucks to hunt.

Flint & Steel vs Lighter to Make Fire

The traditional hunters used flint and steel in order to make a fire. This requires a long time to make the fire by barring flint using the tree limbs. Traditional hunters faced trouble to building the fire surface and elements to burn them to get warm in winter nights.

Young generation hunters find this easy because of having lighter or waterproof match boxes. By using the items, you can easily make a fire in this decade with less danger.

Reading Distance vs Electronic Rangefinder

Previous generation hunters do not have expensive bow or rifles to count the distance. In fact, the old day’s hunters use their foot pace to calculate the distance or use their experience to guess the distance. Everything depends on estimating by guessing power, nothing else.

Now a day, modern generation hunters can easily get the distance with other useful information by pressing one button. The electronic rangefinder easily shows the hunters the distance, aiming point, the cartridge power for shooting. The technology offers bow-sights, rifle scopes, binoculars, red dot sights and others to have a clear focus on the target.

Observational Conclusion

All the points dictate the modern hunting has become slightly easier and more comfortable for the hunters than previous generation hunting. Now a day, a hunter can easily hunt an animal by using different types of technological equipment, just; need a healthy budget for buying them. But, the previous generation traditional hunters had taste the real pleasant and challenge of hunting.

At the bottom line, the modern hunters are really missing and losing the real skills of hunting because of the impact of the modern technological support.

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